Apple: Be brave.

I am surprised at how much I’ve taken to new operating systems and UIs. I’ve been a pretty staunch Windows fan. Sure, I don’t spare it any criticism, but I don’t have a computer at home that doesn’t have Windows on it, and I don’t have a computer at home at the moment that has a Linux install that I’ve booted into in the last year. I gave Vista a good try, knowing that I am reluctant to take to changes in operating system UI. And yet… I find myself transfering tasks to the Mac on my desk at work because … it’s pleasant.

I’m told Apple’s money largely comes from the sale of their, lets be honest, overpriced hardware.

I think Apple need to be brave and put out a “Crouching Tiger” (if not a Crouching Leopard): A Virtual Appliance that PC users can download and try to see what they’re going to be working with. It takes a very little time to get your head around Mac OS and a vitural app would be a great way for Windows users to discover that MacOS not only doesn’t bite, it purrs. Frankly, I think a lot of folks who have been turned off by Vista will find MacOS a pretty nice alternative.


ah ha! another one succumbs to the dark side

— mike

Or people will stay with WinXP, which was (after SP1 and SP2) one of the best OS MS ever made. Especially if you add the powertoys of microsoft, so you get things like 4 desktops.

I always wanted to try mac, but currently don’t have enough space for another pc. And I don’t know anybody who could help me with mac problems or introduce me into the mac environment.
Do you know some good forums, blogs or something like this?


I <3 Vista.

I will be making a change to a Mac sometime this fall/winter.. Its not that I dont like MS Windows.. I just need a change..

@Drave: You don’t need two computers, you can sell the PC, because on Mac you can run MS Windows XP with Bootcamp.

Thx for the forum link. I saved it to my bookmarks.
Two computers wouldn’t be the problem, I currently have 2 PCs and 2 Laptops. For a fifth there is simply no space left and I won’t give away any of them I already have :)
But perhaps a MacBook oder something similiar will make it.


How about a Mac Mini? ( -> mac -> mini)

If you’re running out of space… :)

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