Dang it…

So the last 3 days feel like a waste because I’ve had two trivial tasks to complete which have been stonewalled by a bevvy of obstacles from the minor (a wrong URL) to the frustrating (the map-crash bug which I had to fix because it was happening to me consistently and preventing me from testing my trivial stuff).

I sorted that this morning and steamed thru a bunch of other minutae this afternoon, synced the client and host codebase up (panicked moment where I thought Gophur had gone ahead and built before I’d checked in the host stuff which would mean I wouldn’t get to test what I really need to test until next week). I checked a bunch of the localization stuff I needed to test, which proved to have some ordering issues, I got those out of the way and …

I still forgot to test my “fix” for the FPS window showing ridiculous 4-figure packet loss percentages.


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