The beta that could

That has been a mighty tough week. The last two betas we’ve put out have largely been a test of changes to our pull and build systems throwing as many spanners at them as we could, and they largely held up to it. Anyway, we finally have up for our closed beta testers to begin testing.

Guys, Gophur doesn’t mention it in the readme but the tutorials are “coder art” – they’re just the initial stuff Ramp knocked up to test the tutorial system.

You will want to fire this version up offline (to see the tutorials) and online (to test all the new localization stuff). I added a “/setminor” command to let you try out the anti-addiction code, and it’s running at 6x speed (so 10 minutes online = 1 hour, 50 minutes instead of 5 hours for cooldown).

World War Two Online – Closed Beta
Version (07-25-08)

– Added Chinese host translations (first pass)
– Adjusted MAS kick to be in line with other guns
– Crew members who die while firing theior weapon will now release their triggers when they pass on to the after life
– Added keymaps for zooming the map (numpad +-)
– Added French Blen to the keymapper

Anti- Addiction Code:
– Added “minor” classification for players
– Minors are being added and removed from the minor list as intended;
– Played Time is now tracked and accumulates
– Previously accumulated played time is being loaded for minors from the database in the login unless it was saved > 5 hours ago
– All messages are now localized
– Now follows the hour slots in the spec as intended
– Now reduces score to 50% when a player is in “Tired Time”
– Now reduces score to 0% when a player is in “Penalty Time”
– Accumulated time is tracked in a database table that can be shared between multiple gameservers

Requires testing:
– Set IS_MINOR flag on testing account (via kfsone tools > Player > View Player)
– BETA release adds 1 hours for every 5 minutes online.

Note: There is no description here of expected times for tired and penalty. See forums for testing paarameters.

– Added new terrain 08-07-23ax
– Fixed  Nouvillon-Catillon FB
– Fixed Rozoy AB on slope
– Fixed floating building near Charleroi
– Fixed Gorinchem spawner

Missing from the readme (mentioned in previous readmes):

  • Possible fix for the “Death Trigger” bug
  • Fix for map-related UI CTD
  • Added keyboard and mouse default keymaps (see bottom right of Keymapper page)
  • Offline tutorials
  • Changed HUD readouts from coderish “Gear Shift = N” style to “Gear: N” and now with fancy colors.
  • Several CTD fixes
  • Minor map-related performance improvements

We’re expecting several more weeks before remotely thinking about switching to a “release” candidate mode.


I’ve been out of the game for some time, and came back a month or so ago. What is this ‘anti-addiction’ code?

Part of the work we have to do for the Chinese company that is paying us to provide them with a version of WWII they can sell, operate, etc in China. China has an anti-addiction law intended to keep sub-teenagers from spending excessive amounts of time online on games:

“When the game time reaches three hours, the system will automatically put up a notification and implement an ‘anti-addiction’ setup that will cut gameplay rewards by 50% for players under the age of 18. And every half hour afterward, the system will automatically remind players to be mindful of their gaming time. After the fifth hour, if the gamer does not go offline, gameplay rewards drop to zero.”

I lost my addiction long ago. Now it’s just a habit.

hey ollie how bout throwing old reb one of them thar NDA’s :)

just put a memory leak in the game where it will just crash after 3 hours ;)

Can you fix the coderish display of towed/ridign units to something that makes sense? It has always bugged me….

Is there that many players that are under 18 ? It has been so long since I started playing, did we provide a date of birth ?

What about the HC guys ? Will their rewards be cut also, I have seen some of those guys play 16-18 hours.


Is there that many players that are under 18 ? It has been so long since I started playing, did we provide a date of birth ?

What about the HC guys ? Will their rewards be cut also, I have seen some of those guys play 16-18 hours.

That whole “China” part is just going right over your head, eh, msn?

Lol yep Oli I think they missed that lil tidbit.

I got it!!!1111

weth mah NDA>?

And for non-chinese gamers, they’ve added new pro-addiction features, if you don’t play at least 8 hours, it won’t let you leave your chair.

Hi Ex Rat killer here :) ( i like to showoff)
Im unsubed atm had to take a break, i cant read closed forum sections and im really curious how is new terrainII and UnityII doing?
Cant find any info about it.
Ill come back with friends when its released (i dont care about graphic but they do a little :) to persuade them i need some eye candy or at least possibility for eye candy).
my grammar as always sux so … :D
Just tell me if unityII gona be at 1.29 or 1.30 or some news at open forum or here or aaaaa I miss WWIIOL.

(currently playin AOC its fine one of best mmorgs and i tested a lot, betawatcher ftw., but im addicted for life only to BGE)

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