More Dancing…

Not Matt Harding this time :)

Eleavator music required…

Although I genuinely appreciate that the Vista “Windows Update” dialog doesn’t steal focus!

Sweet… Trojan!

So, somehow, my system finally got infected. I’ve done very little on my box at home recently, which narrows it down to a few very limited possible causes.

First symptoms:

  1. Couldn’t access my own blog from my home machine, nor google;
  2. Pop-up windows warning me my computer wasn’t secure (“Win Antivirus Pro” infection);
  3. Opening/Closing control panel very slow and produces pop-ups (“Trojan/IHook” infection);
  4. Trying to run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool … fails (something actually kills the app);
  5. Unable to install or run Windows Live One Care (task manager shows “winlogon.exe” taking up 12% cpu, when I finally kill winlogo.exe Windows Live One Care seems to advance but still fails);
  6. Lots of rundll32.exe’s that weren’t there before, one of which continually restarts when killed;
  7. Several new svchost.exe’s;
  8. “GoogleUpdate” which won’t uninstall from control panel or otherwise go away aside from removing the folder;
  9. Nod32 quarantined a whole bunch of trojan files but seemed to miss the main infections;

I still have a Norton license, so I installed and scanned with that … Didn’t even discover the files Nod had quarantined. I tried the AVG free trial, it discovered one of the quarantined files.

Ok – so Windows Live One Care? Oh, the infection doesn’t like that, it won’t even download.


I noticed this on APOD. It’s old, so ya’ll have probably seen it already, but it made me chuckle.

(Vimeo has it in High Def/widescreen which is quite awesome, but can’t figure out how to include a Vimeo video in WordPress)