Stargate Continuum

We were spoiled by Star Trek: From series to movies was two decades of improvements in production and FX quality, and an equally large delta in budget.

Whereas, one of this movies many favorable attributes is the homeliness: they aren’t wearing sleek new $250,000 uniforms, there are no new team members, the friends/aliens/enemy are cast recalls, the SGC hasn’t been redesigned and renovated. Several of the cooler ‘effects’ sequences are actually filmed using real US Mil. hardware.

This is classic Stargate: Aliens have snakes in their heads or bellies, humans fly aircraft, nobody gets beamed and there are explosions.

But you definitely need to start by watching the extras so that your expectations aren’t set by the hype and anti-hype. Get yourself back into that mindset you had midway thru season 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8; dial back to a Friday evening with soda, snacks and the sofa, pop the disk in and watch … and you’ll be well pleased :)


Would you want to play the MMOG of the series? The gameplay I saw didn’t look that interesting.

Cool i’ll have to get it. I all ready have the box set 1 t0 8 :). I will try the MMOG.

I’m a bit on the fence about SGW. Firstly, those are bad initials. Secondly, it’s a BigWorld game and the screenshots I’ve seen look a bit dated. I’ve heard some good things about it though.

I enjoyed Continuum as well, much better than The Ark of Truth.

Apparently they’re starting to work on a third film, with heavy focus on O’Neil. Which is great, since O’Neil is.. O’Neil :)

Isn’t there also supposed to be an un-related Stargate The Movie sequel in production too?

Might be Stargate: Universe. It’s a new completely unrelated spin-off series, rather than a movie though. Read up on it, the premise is awesome. :)

The little info I found for Stargate: Universe makes it sound like Star Trek? What’s so awesome about a ship exploring the Galaxy?

It has some similarities to Star Trek, but not many.

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