Wide Strings

Oh yeah… Host currently runs at 173,840 lines of code (that’s /just/ the host, doesn’t include TeulKit, NetCode2, 3rd party libraries etc), client at 455,368 (although that includes both Unity 1 and 2 codebases, but excludes libraries too, e.g. the UI is largely its own library).

I have to convert the code that handles callsigns to use wide strings and wchars, and everything downstream of those. Forget rolling sleeves up, I might as well remove the shirt and several layers of my epidermis too.

Yeah … That’s gonna be a week to look forward to.

Web based IRC?

So at the center of our little office network we have one huge Windows based file server running, amongst other things, IIS. We have a lot of web-based sites, tools and so on, so I finally decided to throw a little “index.htm” on there with links to all of it.

That leaves it a little stark, but I’ve got way too much other stuff right now to feed my hankering to play with IIS and ASP – not least because our databases are MySQL based and that always seems to add an extra little layer of “fun” to working with Microsoft web technologies. (Feel free to post ASP/.NET IIS links tho :)

This big, gaping empty section of the page is just begging for some kind of web-based chat interface to our internal IRC server… I guess I could just throw some Java IRC applet in there but I was thinking maybe something simpler.

Why do we use old and archaic IRC?