Elite IV in the works again?



There’s a report like that every summer. It’s like clockwork.

Elite was the first computer game with good graphics that I played.

My wife had a BBC computer in her classroom and I ‘borrowed’ it to play Elite. I was soon lost in a universe of space trading and pirates. Sadly, for some obscure reason the school wanted their BBC computer back (Those were the days of one computer to a school).

When Elite came out for the Spectrum I bought one just so I could continue playing it.

People now playing Eve are really only playing Elite with better graphics. ;)

I think I first played Elite on the C=64. Then I got a BBC and I might have played it on that, and it wasn’t nearly as cool. I played Elite 2 on the Amiga for a while. I tried “FoFT” and a few other games, but Elite was always the coolest.

A guy I worked with at Demon, Clive Feather, was a teacher at one point and both Bell and Braben were in his class :) And an old BBSing friend of mine got to know Ian Bell and used to go raving with him: he kept threatening to introduce me but it never quite happened :)

Can’t wait for Elite IV.

Always loved the original, and although the sequals where too bugged to realy fall in love with I still played them a lot.

Heck, i still remeber my 1st year at college where the only PC’s (Olivetti M24 PC clones), all had Elite & Starglider on them. Nothing like the sound of 30 PC’s playing a tinny version of the Blue Danube! :-)

Having recently read soem stuff about the development of Elite I had never realised they where slightly influenced by Star Raiders on the Atari 800/ 2600VCS. Another game I played to death.

foft, virus and midwinter, 3 top games. One that I could never figure out was sentinel, no idea what that game was about.

Ah Virus, Sentinal, Midwinter. Reasons I loved my ST!

Hmm. Were you still in Hull when you had your ST? You weren’t a MetNet Triangle user were you? :)

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