Mea culpa, kinda…

Windows Server 2003, it turns out, has the ever-popular Automatic UpdatesRestart your computer now” focus-stealing dialog that seems to grind my gears. And, say you happen to be remotely logged into the box, Windows Server 2003 will reboot if you happen to click where the as-yet-unrendered button is going to be once the application starts asking the system to draw the dialog box. Your experience will be a brief flash of gray and then a few moments later Remote Desktop Connection will tell you that you have been disconnected.


Vista, otoh, has a nice little “task-tray” notification that your updates won’t take effect until you reboot, which doesn’t steal focus. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess there is not a chance in hell¬†Microsoft will ever fix that dialog in XP or 2003 ;)

Vista SP1

After my box got infected last weekend, I’ve been dropping into Vista here and there. Nothing has really changed, but somehow it’s not quite annoying me as much, and I don’t get the urge to hop back into XP. So what’s different?