Vista SP1

After my box got infected last weekend, I’ve been dropping into Vista here and there. Nothing has really changed, but somehow it’s not quite annoying me as much, and I don’t get the urge to hop back into XP. So what’s different?

Well, nothing: I actually stand by what I said previously about Vista. MS focused heavily on User Experience in Vista. The result is a “fish and ice cream” experience. I think they burned an awful lot of dev time on some of the new UI components and then took a sledgehammer approach to trying to get as much use as possible out of them without¬†integrating that into the larger picture.

So now that I am doing mundane things with my vista box – watching movies, copying files, etc, and I’m not not in (or avoiding) those parts that I find onerous and unpleasant… Well, I can get on with enjoying Aero.

I noticed Microsoft is starting a new please-try-Vista campaign, “The Mojave Experiment“. I choke up when their own advert says “I wouldn’t touch it with a stick after everything I’ve heard”. I don’t fault Microsoft for trying to market Vista, they spent a lot of money on it; but I hope that in-house, management aren’t of the same mind… I hope they realize that the cream was sour. I mean, I’ll best most of us would be impressed by XP if we were given a deluxe tour of it’s capabilities by a Microsoft rep and Vista is nothing if not pretty so times that by two.

I find the Mojave Project a bit of a con, then; carefully put through it’s paces, Windows Vista can impress. But it’s when you’re going beyond just using notepad that it starts to become a pain. After a little effort figuring out how, I edited my “hosts” file. Bzzt. Now the system keeps warning me I have a probable virus. And – this is the actual system, not some piece of spyware.

It’s those kinds of huge gaping edges in Vista that reveal a whimpering, mewling XP engine trying to tick away under a partially-welded on hood of shininess that make me want to fire XP up again next time I reboot.

I’ll give Vista this: with “RocketDock” installed, I can make it look a heck of a lot more like OS X :)


I’m quite apprehensive of the switch but I need a 64bit Windows OS on my dev box. I’ll be keeping my personal box XP though.

Bryan, you could always put the 64-bit version of XP on it! :-)

Now that’s funny. Rocketdock. Hmm.

I’d rather run XP64 but there are compatibility issues right now for some of my stuff. Sucks.

whats the chance microsoft will put up a roll back function on one of there websites for those of us who have vista but would rather toss it out the window ( pun intended) hehe


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