I managed to solve a bunch of my WideString issues, largely by realizing that the host, in particular, needs to speak UTF8, not widestrings. I’ve still got to write the code for compressing Chinese gamenames into 64-bit integers and make sure everything handles Chinese-character callsigns. But I’ve gotten several huge steps out of the way now.

And it looks like we’re about set to switch from Visual Source Safe to Subversion. Some trepidation about that, gonna miss the “Sharing” ability (VSS symlinks) but I think we’ve re-organized our project files suitably, leaving only the question of what we’ll do with the host project files. The client/host have a similar directory structure and share many files, but in VSS they were two separate projects with common files shared simply shared: e.g.¬†“ww2/host/chat/chatPackers.cpp” and “ww2/WW2OL/src/chat/chatPackers.cpp”. The only reason I spread the host files out like that host side is that SourceSafe/SourceOffSite rapidly get slower as you get more files in a single folder.

Only one thing, then, really raining on the parade – I can’t for the life of me remember how (if?) Code::Blocks does SVN integration.

Between TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN¬†with VisualSVN server, getting off the ground with Subversion was a lot easier than it threatened to be. That said, Tortoise seems to chug occasionally – one minute you’re getting 17Mb/s and the next it stalls out and you’re getting 0-260Kb/s.