Dino Mummy

When you read that title, you probably either thought of a jurassic mother or the next Brendan Fraser movie. No, I’m talking about non-bone remains of dinosaurs. Maybe I just haven’t been paying hard enough attention but it seemed like the sort of news-worthyish item that would blip on my radars. Of course, I’d heard of dino skin impressions but … those were “probable” last time I heard them mentioned.

Images and links …


My immediate thought was “ah, another hoax waiting to be uncovered”. No, while I wasn’t looking, they went from “impossible” to “fairly rare”.

Heck, dkimages has a collection:

And, of course, people are selling them…



There was a great TV program about it earlier this year. Can’t rememebr if it was on the Beeb or Channel 4.

Related to this find.

There was a great program about it on Channel 4 earlier this year.


I’m confused. That programme appears not to be bad soft porn, so how is it on Channel 4?

:-) Well they have been know to show other stuff!

Actualy Channel 5 kind of took over from 4 on that count!

Anyway, might find it shown on some of the Discovery type channels. Well worth a watch if you can find it.

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