Uhm, Sofari, So Oddly

I find I’m using Safari on most of my boxes now. I’m not sure why: I am quite happy with IE, I never clicked with Opera and I have a variety of reasons for disliking Firebox.

With Safari under Vista, XP and OS X … I was quite baffled to find there’s no Safari for Linux. Way to reel ’em in, Apple.


It’s called Konqueror. THey share much of the code back and forth with the Safari team, lathough the UI is different.

Wow – I’ve only used Konqueror once, years ago, and it was an awful experience. They promote Safari as the fastest browser, but it seems slower to me. IE obviously has an advantage of being continually resident, which is a typically Apple advantage ;)

But then, they used to promote “No hour glass”, uhm, because they have a spinner instead…

Also, if you throw Firefox or IE a naked XML file, they do something neat with it. Safari just gives you a blank page.

It must be doing something right tho :)

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