IE vs Safari

I’ve started using Safari as my default browser on my Windows boxes. This took me a little by surprise. I thought I was quite happy with IE. Something about Safari feels a little slicker to me, but … is it “the fastest browser” as Apple claim?

By no means comprehensive but true to my experience so far. Safari has some behaviours that make you more aware of it working and that make it feel less snappy, such as the attention-grabbing progress-bar in the address bar; IE on the other hand has some behaviours that make it feel faster. For instance, when reloading a cached page, IE starts out using the cached data to render the page while it goes off and checks for changes, and adapts the rendering as the changes are loaded. If the page hasn’t changed, you’ve got the right page on the screen much sooner.

Of course, some people will call the IE-boosting behaviors “hacks” or “tricks”. I call them “successful”. It’s swings and roundabouts. I find that I generally use IE to browse Apple’s website which feels slow under Safari – and my month or so experience running a Mac and PC side by side is that Safari doesn’t runs at the same speed on a PC as it does on a Mac.

That said, I have started using Safari as my default browser on my PCs, although I can’t seem to put my finger on why. It could be novelty, or it could be that the out of the two browsers’ well-matched set of “Oooh” features Safari’s are a little more relevant to my browsing habbits.

It certainly isn’t because switching to Safari made my surfing any faster.


You’ve got to try out Mozilla Firefox 3, it’s awesome!

I would like to see a FF-Safari test to see which one loads quicker or even a FF-IE test.

but i am not that bored.

I run a Linux box at the office, so I’ve already seen the POC that is Fox3, thanks. The dev team continue to fixate on developing the most anti-Microsoft browser around, the most inconvenient to develop-for browsing platform.

I don’t mind cross-browser development, but whenever I hear “doesn’t work under firefox” I know that a mental beating is install for me.

You see, Firefox has pulled a Microsoft on the anti-MS zealot crowd. People who believe Firefox’s standards compliance is a good thing are just as stupid and ignorant as the MS cronies who believe that Vista is innovative and secure.

For a start, Firefox breaks its very own rules. It is “compliant” with standards that are still drafts, and this Is what the IETF has to say about drafts/standards:

In IETF tradition, standards have to arise from experience with a working prototype implementation — but once they become standards, code that does not conform to them is considered broken and mercilessly scrapped. …Internet-Drafts are not specifications, and software implementers and vendors are specifically barred from claiming compliance with them as if they were specifications. Internet-Drafts are focal points for discussion, usually in a working group… Once an Internet-Draft has been published with an RFC number, it is a specification to which implementers may claim conformance. It is expected that the authors of the RFC and the community at large will begin correcting the specification with field experience.

Those of you who’ve switched to Firefox in a noble attempt to free us from browser dictatorship … bless your hearts. Go Opera if you want more than just a different dictator.

Just as soon as Opera integrates Adblock, Filterset G, and Flashblock.

Ive been experimenting with different browsers. Safari does’t seem to load as fast as IE or Firefox. I did like the toolbar features of Safari, example being able to add my Favorite sites right on a Favorite toolbar. But that little feature doesnt make up for the slowness of Safari. So, I deleted it. Now im down to desiding between FireFox and IE. Both seem like very good browsers. I hate the Microsoft monopoly so maybe ill just go with firefox for that reason. I here its not as Secure as IE but Im still undecided. Some imput on what one I should choose would be much appreciated.

Adam: I’d recommend giving Google’s Chrome a whirl – yeah, it sends stuff to Google. They are becoming the Microsoft of the web :) But honestly – don’t choose your browser based on politics, choose it based on the things that actually matter. I’ll use Firefox when it’s better than IE and its developers are as concerned about practicality as they are about complying with standards that are often developed off in a vacuum with no real bearing or input from practical web-developers.

Well I use Safari all day long on my mac but don’t tend to use it in Windows. It is quite nice but I tend to stick with Firefox 3 generally.

Chrome I had a look at when it came out and hated it but I guess it has got better and will do.

The new Safari 4 Beta is out and has had “some” very good reports so once finished I think I will give it a run and maybe at last go Safari on Windows. Explorer I had to use for HC tools etc but now rarely use IE except when I have to.

I had a brief dabble with Safari but once I got my head around Chrome it clicked into place a lot better than the other browsers — I love the New Tab scheme (which automatically lists the 9 sites you’ve most visited saving you from having to search bookmarks for them); I like that when a browser page or tab crashes that it’s just that page or tab that dies and that usually you can just hit refresh and it recovers – instead of the whole browser exiting (firefox/ie/safari – a bad bit of flash on one browser window can shut down all of your browser windows/tabs).

And aside from some lingering worries about what google might be doing with the data, I love having the search and address bar combined.

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