Oh really?

So, apparently, Code::Blocks has no version control support at all. That explains a lot about how disappointing the development has been since the first shock and awe of its arrival on the scene. And Eclipse is just freakin’ evil. Support for importing Makefile projects seems to have been phased out. I managed to get it to nearly import the host code project at one point, but I had to wipe the folder and change the directory structure to suite it. But now I can’t do anything to convince it that the experiment isn’t still there. If this was a Windows box, I’d say it was something in the registry…

And Eclipse always feels just a little too sluggish under Linux. I really can’t work up any enthusiasm for spending any of my own time learning Eclipse enough to recreate the project under Eclipse.

So I guess it will be Code::Blocks and command line svn. Bah.


Eclipse saves lots of crap in the .metadata folder. Sometimes things get stuck that are registered under the specific plugins subfolder of the workspace .metadata folder.

That’s the thing – I wiped out all the files it created under my test folder: .metadata, build, .cproject, .project, etc. When that wasn’t enough, I removed my ~/.eclipse folder, deleted the test project directory and pulled it fresh from source. So it must be storing something somewhere else too.

kdeveloper… for all your coding needs.

Eh, I tried kdevelop: https://kfsone.wordpress.com/2006/11/14/nested-projects/

And KDE always seems to be a little more bloated than strictly necessary:

[root@fedex]# yum install kdevelop
Package Arch Version Repository Size
Installing for dependencies:
OpenEXR-libs i386 1.6.1-3.fc8 updates 252 k
arts i386 8:1.5.9-1.fc8 updates 1.2 M
arts-devel i386 8:1.5.9-1.fc8 updates 214 k
avahi-devel i386 0.6.21-8.fc8 updates 41 k
avahi-qt3 i386 0.6.21-8.fc8 updates 19 k
dirmngr i386 1.0.0-6.fc8 fedora 203 k
fontconfig-devel i386 2.4.2-5.fc8 fedora 163 k
freetype-devel i386 2.3.5-4.fc8 updates 153 k
glib2-devel i386 2.14.6-2.fc8 updates 922 k
gnokii i386 0.6.22-1.fc8 updates 650 k
gnupg2 i386 2.0.9-2.fc8 updates 2.5 M
gpgme i386 1.1.5-4.fc8 fedora 259 k
ilmbase i386 1.0.1-1.fc8 updates 118 k
jack-audio-connection-kit i386 0.103.0-5.fc8 updates 139 k
kde-filesystem noarch 4-14.fc8 updates 20 k
kde-settings noarch 3.5-38.fc8 updates 16 k
kdebindings-dcopperl i386 3.5.9-1.fc8 updates 44 k
kdelibs i386 6:3.5.9-5.fc8 updates 17 M
kdelibs-devel i386 6:3.5.9-5.fc8 updates 2.4 M
kdepim i386 6:3.5.9-6.fc8 updates 13 M
kdepim-libs i386 6:3.5.9-6.fc8 updates 5.9 M
kdesdk i386 3.5.9-1.fc8 updates 7.0 M
kdesdk-libs i386 3.5.9-1.fc8 updates 248 k
kdevelop i386 9:3.5.2-2.fc8 updates 15 M
kdevelop-libs i386 9:3.5.2-2.fc8 updates 1.2 M
kdnssd-avahi i386 0.1.3-0.2.20060713svn.fc8 fedora 44 k
kdnssd-avahi-devel i386 0.1.3-0.2.20060713svn.fc8 fedora 11 k
libICE-devel i386 1.0.4-2.fc8 fedora 13 k
libSM-devel i386 1.0.2-4.fc8 fedora 9.8 k
libX11-devel i386 1.1.3-4.fc8 fedora 1.1 M
libXau-devel i386 1.0.3-3.fc8 fedora 11 k
libXcursor-devel i386 1.1.9-1.fc8 fedora 19 k
libXdmcp-devel i386 1.0.2-4.fc8 fedora 7.9 k
libXext-devel i386 1.0.1-4.fc8 fedora 57 k
libXft-devel i386 2.1.12-3.fc8 fedora 17 k
libXinerama-devel i386 1.0.2-3.fc8 fedora 8.3 k
libXrandr-devel i386 1.2.2-1.fc8 fedora 17 k
libXrender-devel i386 0.9.4-1.fc8 fedora 9.0 k
libXt-devel i386 1.0.4-3.fc8 fedora 329 k
libfreebob i386 1.0.3-1.fc7 fedora 154 k
libjpeg-devel i386 6b-39.fc8 fedora 104 k
libksba i386 1.0.2-3.fc8 fedora 112 k
libmal i386 0.31-7.fc8 fedora 60 k
libmng-devel i386 1.0.9-5.1 fedora 53 k
libopensync i386 0.22-4.fc8 fedora 315 k
libpng-devel i386 2:1.2.29-1.fc8 updates 106 k
libxcb-devel i386 1.1-1.1.fc8 updates 124 k
mesa-libGL-devel i386 7.0.2-3.fc8 updates 449 k
mesa-libGLU-devel i386 7.0.2-3.fc8 updates 95 k
nas i386 1.9.1-2.fc8 updates 647 k
pilot-link i386 2:0.12.2-21.fc8 updates 1.1 M
pinentry i386 0.7.4-1.fc8 updates 62 k
pinentry-qt i386 0.7.4-1.fc8 updates 62 k
pth i386 2.0.7-3 fedora 90 k
qt-designer i386 1:3.3.8b-2.fc8 updates 1.9 M
qt-devel i386 1:3.3.8b-2.fc8 updates 11 M
spambayes noarch 1.0.4-5.fc8 fedora 526 k
xorg-x11-proto-devel noarch 7.3-3.fc8 fedora 278 k

Transaction Summary
Install 58 Package(s)
Update 0 Package(s)
Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 87 M
Is this ok [y/N]: n

I mean, what the heck? Why is spambayes or pilot-link a dependency? jack-audio-connection-kit? I mean, the -devel files … ok, I can almost accept those. KDE has always reminded me of the worst days of Solaris, scratch that, from the pinnacle of terrible when they first shipped Solaris x86 unoptimized.

It’s not that KDE is slow, it just uses so many resources and so abysmally that it becomes very slow very easily.

I’ve tried to like KDE because they are actually doing what Open Source needs, holding themselves up to standards especially usability standards and most importantly standardized reusability. Unfortunately, that translates into finding the biggest possible sledge hammer to tap in every last tack.

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