Breda: The pounding will continue

The last year or so of rule changes have really changed big city fights, and in our game world, Breda is a big city.

I wound up working most of the night last night and since I had to be in-game, I spent a fair amount of time in/at/watching Breda which is turning out to be a 3 day series of epic battles. Little bit of that Olympic spirit going on, maybe?

I’d spawned in to Diest, originally; it was a No-Man’s-Land town (both attack and defense coming in from outside of the town). It wasn’t a log fight but it was intense.

After a while, I switched to Geel. The armybase there sits at the foot of several very small hills, just enough to give some of surrounding positions a line of sight into some of the compound, but there’s some decent cover too so it’s not a simple meatgrinder.

We took one hell of a pounding, the Allies rained mortars down on us rather mercilessly. And then the mortars stopped and we knew the tanks were headed in. But…

The Allies have been doing a pretty good job of attacking with ATGs first and saving the bulk of their armor for the second half of the battle. I don’t know if this is planned/deliberate or an artefact of them having to drive their armor from a nearby armored brigade which gives the Axis the impression of the Allies having far more armor than they really have, because by the time the armor force arrives the Axis have lost the prime of their gear to ATGs.

But at Geel, ohka and several others had taken a bunch of armor out away from town and waited for the Allies to perform their encircling maneuver. When the Allied armor started its lockdown, Axis armor took it out from behind. Superbly done and Geel went from a 911 one minute to armor spawning and heading off down the road the next :)

Then I took a break and when I came back, Breda seemed to be the hot property, about 10pm. I was glued to my screen for 2 hours solid, then I went hit the sack and …. 15 minutes later I got my first call.

I don’t know if I can summarize the variety of attacks, counters and defenses I saw. People are quick to reduce things to simple comparisons, but there was so much more going on. At one point, I set up a Supply Truck and grabbed a mortar. “Unfurer” started giving me ammo and a short while later we had a significant mortar battery which rained down hell on the Baarle-Hertog Depot and the North Armybase; I got 4 kills but 32 hits on various units. Later on, I trundled a tiger down from outside while I was working, alt-tabbing to disengage trees and avoid serious berms now and again before finally catching almost rolling into an enemy AB – which would have been the end of that sortie :)

A little while later, “devoid” and several other infantry tried to escort me thru town. A crazy Panhard came belting past me, maybe didn’t see me as I was turning onto the road; pop. Took a few more tanks out and then someone yelled an M10 was heading my way. I turned and moved quickly for the best firing spot to hand, and I knew I ought to switch to HE rounds at this range to increase my chances of degunning him, but I didn’t want to get caught mid-load. I’d stopped, brought the gun to bear all right on time, I got the first shot off as he was still braking, but too slow and all I did was kill his driver. He got a shot off and wasn’t quite so hasty firing it, and wounded most of my crew. Second shot, to the side, must have hit some ammo because off went my turret.

Lots of great infantry action, and lots of tanking going on with infantry supporting armor that braved the town center on both sides.

That was the second night of fighting in Breda; there were a couple more big battles there today. Right now the forces on both sides are heavily attrited and there’s a lull. It’s a great town for fighting in, and with it still in Allied hands, there’s a good chance there be more fighting there the next day or so…


Breda is over this campaign but Nijmegen might make for something new. I won’t fight in CPs with more than two armybases until there is a change in which depots are spawnable by defenders.

How did you manage to get those last two tabs on BEGM? Is that a kfsone special?

Hey, can you make another movie of these huge battles like the Roemond battle? I need a new one for the [url=]Something Awful thread[/url].

My lucky preview of the version he’s working on :)

Mine Game Monitor got hosed when I went to 1.1.1
Something about cant find port.
Sounds like fun. BTW the battles have been very fun lately.

Mine Game Monitor got hosed when I went to 1.1.1

Try v1.1.2

Thks, Xiper that work!

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