Half an update

This week has just not been going well. It doesn’t help that the AC in my office is blowing a tornado  and after a few minutes sitting in here my ears are ringing. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone else, so I get to feel like the whiny little Brit.

Right now my main tasks are finishing up localization of the host, which is dragging out as I work thru all those fancy /commands like “/own” and some fairly significant under-the-hood overhaul of the grid system in the cell hosts.

It’s something that needed doing for a while to catch the cell host up with other changes, making a bunch of other critical work possible, and as the basis for a very simple partitioning system, sometimes referred to as instancing. This round of instancing is trivial, however; only partition 0 (the live campaign) has strat and supply data, all the other instances have unlimited/free supply like the training server, all buildings/etc are in their default state, etc.

Just now I’m converting the low-level system that tracks where everyone is and thus who can see whom with a nice simple grid system (in matter of fact, the current systems are called “the grid” and “the vis system”).

There’s an old coding adage that you should never rewrite code. I refactored the grid system quite some time ago as the basis for the area chat system in the chat host, and this replacement will largely be based on that. But the vis system is designed to do the opposite of what I need it to do, the code is written in C rather than C++ and it uses some very bad shortcuts to achieve performance and the cost of … well, actually performance.

My design is significantly simpler… Shoe-horning the old system into it would require far more new coding than rewriting the thing, and since I’m making heavy use of existing well-documented systems (STL) and creating a system at least an order of magnitude simpler … I find it hard not to see replacement as justified over refactoring… 15,000+ lines of code replaced by under 1500? And mine have comments in them. (Well, the old code does if you count “// i?”)


Is the statement, “I find it hard not to see replacement as unjustified over refactoring” equivalent to “I find it hard to see replacement as justified over refactoring”?

Whiny little Brit.

LITTLE?? OMFG. I AM COMING DOWN THERE TO KICK YOUR ASS or ask if you can make change for a dollar.

I never said that, Egbert, your eyes and any web cache you might use are deceiving you. :)

I went up to Rafter’s office, apparently he’d left early… Canadians, no back bone to ’em, eh?

LOL, whiny little Brit!!!!!

Well he’s from South of the Humber so you kind of expect that! ;-)

Could be worse though, he could have been from Lancashire!

Does your office AC have ceiling outlets with internal adjustable dampers? Typically such adjustable outlets have a central adjustment hole, designed to accept a 1/4″ round adjustment tool. Make such a tool by getting a length of 1/4″ rod, filing or grinding a single flat onto about two inches of one end, and bending the other end at a right angle to make a handle. Insert it about two inches, and crank about one-half turn until the damper is mostly closed. You should be able to see the damper move through the outlet’s fixed vanes, perhaps with the help of a flashlight. Presto, much less airflow, much less airflow noise.

Of course, you’ll have somewhat less cooling.


Is each instance able to have an independent time?

We’ve had the office maintenance people in a couple of times but the vents in my office are basically end of the line. If nothing else, I can get them to open the vents in the-office-formerly-known-as-rickb’s which is next to mine.

There’s just something about the current setting that makes it not just annoying but physically uncomfortable. My ears are still ringing right now.

I had a similar issue.

After maintenance is the fail. I went above the ceiling tiles and disconnected the flex-tube to the vent and now the noise and cooling is above the ceiling tiles. I was lucky to have flex-tubing.

Hey, I tried to work with system, but the man put me down. :lol:
So I took matters into my own hands.

whiny little brit, one word, keep it simple!
btw. greetings from hastings


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