I guess I’m still suffering some paranoia from my recent XP infection, but this wasn’t on my start menu a couple of hours ago. I know that because it bumped Calculator off the list.

This is what my menu looked like 3 hours ago (having the start menu up when I took the screenshot was an accident):


Try a right-click / properties to see it’s destination?

As you know, I also had the Antivirus XP 2008 and managed to get rid of it manually at forst as Norton either couldn’t detect it or couldn’t complete it’s search. But last week it went into weekly scan mode and finally found what was left of it and removed it from my system, so maybe their virus list has been updated.

I know they busted a group that controlled the shadow bot net. It used Windows Messenger as it’s delivery mechanism

Did you do a clean reinstall after the infection?

I’m not running the XP install at the minute, using my Vista install and … now that I’m only using Vista (not trying to configure it or install stuff) it’s not nearly such a PITA.

Thats why i always due a clean install on a infected computer. You can never besure you got it all when it can rename it’s self and most of them do that.

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