Confused? I am

I’ve been in the US now for getting on 6 years. For most of it, I’ve had very little contact with people back in England and while I think I’ve probably passed the age where I’ll pick up an accent, I’m certainly less English than I was 6 years ago. I’m in the process of applying for my permanent work visa and I’m 37; mid-life looms and I have to choose a continent. And right there is where suddenly I discover facebook and old friends I haven’t heard from in anywhere upto 18 years suddenly get back in touch covering my life from Grimsby to London.

Less of these, thanks

Bah. Just, bah. I’ve had a bad stomach all week – I think – thanks to last weekend’s annual pest treatment of my apartment. I left the apartment door open last night and today I found a couple of roaches in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Probably from outside, but still… Found that Easy-Off BAM kills roaches in seconds, way faster than Raid.

Electricity was out several times, no aircon for most of the day. And I was looking forward to calling my dad and my old mate Simon but my phone line was out for most of the day.

But, an old friend I had just given up hope of ever getting in touch with again sent me a facebook invite this morning which made my week, if not month :)

If the rest of the day hadn’t been so truly lousy, I’d be happy as a clam right now. I’ll settle for not miserable tho, but lets not make a hab of it, eh?