Google Chrome

Well, duh, Google made a browser: Chrome. Apparently, based on the same browser engine as Firefox although poking around I see striking similarities to Safari. (Correction: It’s based on the same Open Source engine as Safari but they give a lot of credit to Firefox)

It’s certainly fast, and if you use a lot of JavaScript intense pages … really fast. (Edit: They use their own Open Source JavaScript Virtual Machine written, called V8)

What I understand from reading the Introductory Comic (very cool!) is that the HTML renderer is borrowed but the platform itself is written from scratch.

Bunker guarding

Barracks post noted that guarding flags is a bit of a thankless task – especially bunker duty. In the past we’ve discussed ways of compensating the players who do this stuff, but they’d gotten nixed for primarily one reason which is that we don’t want someone running to a backwater CP and getting points for avoiding┬áthe enemy.