Bunker guarding

Barracks post noted that guarding flags is a bit of a thankless task – especially bunker duty. In the past we’ve discussed ways of compensating the players who do this stuff, but they’d gotten nixed for primarily one reason which is that we don’t want someone running to a backwater CP and getting points for avoiding the enemy.

Of course, with AOs, it’s a different story. So I coded up a little configurable feature that will allow production to grant people points-over-time for guarding a friendly capture building:

If enabled, it gives a player a point every X minutes for being inside a capture building with a table or a radio in it, it also gives you a point if you are in the building when the table goes away (due to uncontention/ao removal; not due to enemy capturing it).

So, for e.g., if its set to 5 minutes per point and you run into a bunker, wait 10 minutes for the table to come up and then guard for 30 minutes, you’d get 4 points (there was no table the first 20 minutes).

If at the end of the 30 minutes the town got uncontested so the table vanished, you’d get 5 points.

Production have been having some discussion about scoring for pilots to try and shorten the time it takes to get those first few ranks – maybe points for damages on enemy AC and points for RTBing after taking damage, up until a certain rank.


As someone who often guards the depot, I approve of this plan. And I don’t need the points either.

It’s a good way to get green tags to have some action, as the enemy always comes to the depot.

Extra points if you’re guarding an enemy spawnable perhaps?

Points build very slowly in this case, which is good. As a bonus you might add points for killing EI who are inside the CP (bit like how the cap assists work, maybe?). Because killing those EI and preventing them is what guarding is all about, not simply just being there.

about the pilot thingy… I do think points should be awarded for damaged during the first 1-2 ranks.

not so sure about points for RTB width damage. maybe if you return a plane where a wing is only a couple of joules away from falling off, IE heavy damage. that one could go for most ranks. It’s usually pretty hard to get away with heavy damage…

Tettie: You already get bonus points for scoring kills from within a capture building and a bonus on kills on EI who are inside capture buildings, and the two stack.

Comstar: Capture assist = points for guarding enemy spawnable; if someone caps an enemy bldg while you are in it, you get 5 bonus points (1/2 a kill)

“inside a capture building” ?

Only a suicidal idiot guards from inside the capture building unless there’s absolutely no other way… Why not: you’re on def flag mission and stay within X yards from the flag for Y time minimum (threshold timer) and you start earning points.

I can think of a lot of players that spend 90% of their playing time guarding bunkers and CPs so it’s about time they were rewarded. However, they’re usually the more experienced player to whom points don’t really matter all that much. But this would certainly encourage the newer players to spend some time doing guard duty.

This rocks, thank you Oliver.

To yallu, defending inside the CP is not always suicidal. It is suicidal if you sit in front of the window, for sure.

I have had capture runs where I have successfully fended off 5-6 EI attacks on my own, simply by shifting my position after each attack, and avoiding the windows for anything more than a split second glance for enemies.

Obviously, since the enemy is coming to that location, your chance of enemy contact increases, and thus personal danger. But, the fact that you know the enemy must come to you increases your tactical advantage to a degree as well, because you have hard cover, and are able to lie in waiting.

Anything that promotes guarding is good. I am surprised that many still are unaware that kills while guarding pay a premium.

I dont mean to sound like a pr1ck – KFS has had so many outstanding ideas to improve the game he is worth his weight in gold…but…..

Creating an incentive for newbs to gain rank buy doing the most tedious job you can imagine is not a good idea. I dont care how many people think selfless service is important in an entertainment context, or how you gotta guard those flags if you want to win the map, or if 1 out of 100 people who ever subscribed to WW20 love table action.

This kind of gameplay is absolutely friggn toxic, especially for newbs. There are many unavoidable reasons for subscriber attrition, but this is ENTIRELY avoidable.

Seriously, hanging out in tiny room with laggy gameply, crappy graphics, and nothing to do but stare at the screen and keep your mouse finger twitchy in the event SOMBODY may try to storm your position – is this somthing that people should be encouraged to do?


If you are looking for ways to reward new pilots, I would suggest awarding something like 5 points for any sortie of at least 10 minutes resulting in an RTB with at least 1 damage on an enemy unit

Nice idea but i would make the points grow the longer the parson is holding the Bunker. 5 Mins – 2 points 10 mins 6 points 20 mins 15 points 30 – 20

60 minutes -30 points.

This is comparable to bombing factories where you can gain 30 points for one flight of 60 – 90 minutes.

Its a role that should reward players who do what is required even though it is boring.

New players can jump in for 5 or 10 minute sessions and relieve those long term players some leg room or drink break as often is needed.

Trout’s right, but is there any practical alternative design approach short of a radical shift to something like equal points for everyone in a capturing mission group, and capture by exclusion of the enemy from a ZOC?

Practical alternative other than the additions discussed by kfsone in this thread, that is.

You’ll also see people go afk in bunkers, so I would say that massively upping the multiplier for inside CP kills is perhaps better

But it does throw the two bigger issues into the spotlight – what reward points actually do and the game’s capture mechanics.

Hopefully both topics are being looked at and will be overhauled eventually

I figure rank points do two things:

1) they give people goals to work towards, a sense of achievement and a few bragging rights

2) they create a cadre of players who can (one hopes) be relied upon to run certain aspects of the game – lead missions and operations and such

The second point is FAR more important than the first, considering how higher ranked players can influence everybody else’s enterainment. We want a rank system that filters out incompetants and selfish people, and rewards and elevates the best.

People who perform service functions (tow, give ammo), who use leadership tools like approving contacts, setting waypoints ect., should all move up through the ranks. Killing things is of pretty minor significance. I would like to see escort missions in the game for both air and land forces, as these would reward people for protecting other people (again, a team oriented selfless task).

I also think that there should be a point pool that is given out by players to other players. Sure, it would sometimes reward popularity, but there are very few unpopular good leaders, or popular bad ones.


Excellent post TROUT.

The 50,000 foot issue: GET RID OF TABLES and “boring” duty.

I know thats a huge coding issue, but it is an immersion killer.

Just have people holding territory slowly reduce the spawn list of the defender (territory cap) — or something that leaves the art as is; but enhances gameplay.

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