Google Chrome

Well, duh, Google made a browser: Chrome. Apparently, based on the same browser engine as Firefox although poking around I see striking similarities to Safari. (Correction: It’s based on the same Open Source engine as Safari but they give a lot of credit to Firefox)

It’s certainly fast, and if you use a lot of JavaScript intense pages … really fast. (Edit: They use their own Open Source JavaScript Virtual Machine written, called V8)

What I understand from reading the Introductory Comic (very cool!) is that the HTML renderer is borrowed but the platform itself is written from scratch.

In a lot of ways, it’s very much “oh, another browser”.  Ok, they merged the Search and Address bars together, and they avoided some of the annoying facets of IE/Firefox/Safari in terms of the search box.

It is very Google – very minimalistic, very clean. I disliked Firefox for its persuit of the technically excellent over the practically innovative, but I disliked Firefox 3 over its voyage into the psychadellic. Customizable? Yeah, I want to spend time customizing my web browser – not.

Unfortunately, when I first tried to run Chrome, everything went a little pear-shaped. I reset my DSL router and modem and it seems to have been my connection at fault.

There are undoubtedly numerous easter eggs, as google have such a penchant from them; the comic mentions a few, such as the “Sad Tab” when it crashes (ok, if it’s got a lantern hung on it like that it’s not quite an easter egg).

There are nice little touches like the minimalist status bar which is basically like a tool-tip that only uses as much space as it needs and sits over where the horizontal scroll bar would be if it was present:

While the options pages are slim, simple and as laymanesque as possible, stuff like “Stats for Nerds” is easily accessible without being intrusive

Overall I find the layout pleasing, it has that crisp, paper-like google quality. All my regular pages worked without problems, I didn’t see any obvious features missing.

Definitely worth a try.


Eh, its based on webkit (safari) not gecko (firefox) and the javascript engine is brand new.

Pity its not out for the mac yet :(

And Opera has had the customizable adress bar search for ages.

ahwulf: Chrome is based off both Gecko and WebKit

Did you notice what you let google do with the data you type in by using the Chrome.

Interesting TOS >-(


Well, Outside the two web addresses i can remember google already knew every site I went to, due to me having to google for it anyway.

The interface in Chrome seemed rather slick, although there was way too much empty space for my liking. Also, it doesn’t come anywhere near Opera in configurability, and isn’t really usable with more than a few tabs.

I wish there will be a version with geekier UI (hey, it’s open-source!), since Chrome really seems to one-up Opera in many ways under the hood.

@ Rafter – That is due to business still not upgrading to IE 7. Lots of legacy compatibility issues.

Now, Firfox is set to release 3.1 which will have the Java Interpretor overhaul.

What I see here is Chrome stealing market share from Firefox

Had a breif look at work to day.

Looks ok. Seamed reasonably fast. However found several sights where all the formatting was totaly messed up when viewing with Chrome.

Overall I quite liked it, but saw nothing that would make me choose it over IE7. At the end of the day all I want of my browser is to display the web page I’m looking at correctly, something EI7 does!

I tried it at work and nearly all my work websites didn’t look normal, were 500% slower or acted in strange ways.

Also, I like having my bookmarks on the left hand side. I hate the way IE does it and Crome is a direct copy.

I’ll try again after they release a better beta version.

I’ve found a bunch of stuff doesn’t work properly or very well — Facebook has problems with Chrome, WordPress has problems…

I had some weirdness with it being slow occasionally but it mostly went away when I rebooted, but then every now and again it just gets horribly slow in terms of network access – talking to a friend via Facebook and every now and again it would stall out trying to send a PM – fired up IE and it was perfectly happy.

I don’t like anyone’s bookmarks system, but Chrome’s “New Tab” setup is exactly what I want – I don’t have a particularly long bookmark list, so bookmarks are secondary to easy access to the pages I hit most of the time.


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You will have a detail description of Google Chrome.

What happend with java aplications ??? don’t work

its a very good beta version…im waiting for more!!!

regards from chile!!!
SEE you later aligators!!!

very light on resources
see detailed review here

there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it’s speed, for example; now if only they would take care it’s flighty cookie management…

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