Here’s something you don’t often see from me… Praise, and high praise too: I haven’t enjoyed a Stargate episode like I enjoyed Atlantis’s “Whispers” last night since SG:1 season 9 or probably 8.

The magnitude of the weaponry and devices the team can pootle around with and wield makes the Sheppard character seem limp and irrelevant, so the low-fi setting and storyline actually gave him room to breathe and Joe Flannigan took it.

I couldn’t stand the Carson character and guessing early in the show that this was going to be a Carson episode, I almost changed channel to catch the Daily Show (not quite as close as another Rodney episode would have done for me), but he also seemed to have grabbed the horse by the reins and I think he played it excellently.

Most of all, there were the four kick-ass chicks with guns. I mean, the team of the four best and brightest. Particularly, Nicole de Boer. I’m sure someone (you, Bruce, who thinks anyone who’s hair isn’t long enough to cover their chest is a guy) will say she’s nothing special, but I am totally in-love with her little repetoire of expressions and mannerisms, which remind me (a lot) of a girl I used to date and never quite got over :)

First time in 4 years I’ve watched an SG:A episode and am left looking forward to watching another next week.


It was nice to see a episode with no spaceships, very little Atlantis and a few of the characters we know getting to interact with meaningful characters that we don’t know. No contrived technical solutions, just guns some tactics and the characteristic lack of common sense.

I do wish they would have but a bit more effort into continuity and such though. Things like de Boer suddenly having a P90 that was nowhere to be seen earlier, and the flashlights and electronics working one moment but not the next are kind of distracting.

I noticed the P90 thing, but the flashlight thing was supposedly explained, I think they just suspect they could only spend so much time trying to get the smoke to co-operate. I think having seen the extras on “The Mist”‘s dvd probably helped me accept that :)

Well, the problem is that two people were standing next to each other, one would be holding a working flashlight, but not the other(s), it was entirely too random. And the electronic noises for a flashlight didn’t help… But there were a few other things as well, it just seems that they weren’t paying that much attention / planning ahead.

The smoke was certainly problematic, if only because of how much the cable/sat companies are compressing channels. It’s hard enough seeing what’s going on with all the smoke, compression artifacts don’t help matters.

I know the scenes you mean, and there was a physical separation between the people – e.g. the one where the Seargent gets killed; it’s supposed to be less smokey over where she is but it looked, to me, like they’d had to go with the best take they could manage.

When I was playing with the Rumble band, we co-billed with The Four Tops at the Clee-Wintergardens, they tried to smoke up the stage for the tops to come out but the temperature had shifted outside which caused the air to flow away from the stage and into the backstage area, resulting in the tops having a hard time finding their way out onto stage and then walking out onto a clear stage they were expecting to be smoked up….

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