“Spore has stopped working” under Vista fix

If you’ve just installed Spore to Vista and you’re getting a “spore has stopped working” error immediately on launch…

First, uninstall and reinstall.

After it’s done installing, stop.

Check your PC to see if there’s a ton of disk activity that doesn’t match anything running in Task Manager (sort by CPU usage). Under the Performance tab, you’ll see a “Resource Monitor” button:

On the Performance Monitor, expand the “disk” section

It won’t look like this – you’ll find that the system is reading/writing “Disk Information” or something and “RegBack/Software”.

Now … Wait.

It’ll take anywhere upto 8 minutes. Once it finishes, you should be safe to launch spore.


As a guy currently at work because he couldn’t get WAR going on his PC, I feel your pain brother.

btw are you at all worried about the spore DRM? I’ve heard some bad things about it(but I’ve also heard contradictory things about it).

Not sure what I am waiting for…

Do I wait for the “Highest Active Time” to reach 0% like in your picture? Or for the “Regback/software” stuff to disappear?

Its been closer to 12 minutes for me…

It didn’t work for me. Although, I could be doing things wrong.

Or you could just install XP and make alot of your problems go away. heh

Or even better, install it on OS X :). It’s running on my Macbook Pro.

Why would anyone want XP? I don’t get it..

This is actually an XP box, but I haven’t bothered running XP since that virus infection. And SP1 isn’t nearly as annoying as SP0 was as long as you don’t try to install stuff or tweak the system.

And … It’s running a lot faster than it used to. Still slower than XP for a lot of stuff, but for the stuff I do over the VPN it’s a lot faster.

And I prefer the free games that Vista ships with: I actually did the DL under Vista so I could play Solitaire while waiting, but then realized I’d have to re-DL to install it under XP.

Drewski: Just wait for the regback/software to dissapear.

Here was my full set of steps:

1. Install,
2. Click play, crash, Click play, crash.
3. Go to my Spore folder, find the “Sporebin” subfolder and find an exception log
4. Verify from the exception log that the error (several pages down) is “dsasmsomething.dll missing/not found”.
5. Uninstall spore
6. Reboot
7. Disable Windows Live One Care virus and firewall
8. Reinstall, and this time accept the default folder (I think that was important)
9. Read the readme
10. Wait for disk activity to stop
11. Launch again, now it works
12. Kill Spore, re-enable live one care firewall/virus
13. Start playing
14. Get bored
15. Watch TV.

Rick: Now that I’m starting to like Apple, I really don’t feel like pirating the OS :) But then I’m also not rolling in the dough to buy their overpriced hardware just now so … I’ll get a Mac later next year.


that didn’t help :(

Gawd, i hate Vista to the core, i wat to take a spork.. and drive it through bill gate’s nose right about now…

Seriouslly considering down-grading to Xp… Less problems… Less urge to kill

I’ve seen at least 5 supossed fixes…..either they all work,or were all screwed

Sore not working is making me very sad =(. I have xp at a different house and love game, but vista on my new computer (dell actually had the audacity to not allow me to get xp) is making me want to go into homicide mode. I tried what suggested and I’m not gaing any ground. In fact, almost all my games refuse to run on vista. seriously, vista sucks, xp is hardly a downgrade.

~Nahte *FTW for the win? no. Fuck The What!@

Hey! Was that campaign 45 in the background!

why isnt it working i dont know when to know when it is ready what do i check?

Sorry Thang, I gave up on spore after 3 days. The game isn’t worth the pain of getting it to run never mind the $$$ they charge for it.

how about now that they offer an non DRM version that you can buy online?

trust EA games to get an awesome game from Maxis and !@#$ it up, or should i be blaming Microsoft for forcing Vista down our throats

I think this worked for me, unless it was deleting the old game data that did it. Either way, thanks!

None of these worked for me. I never had a single problem with spore until i downloaded that stupid patch. I tried everything that i knew to fix it but it came down to the only thing i didn’t want to do: deleted all my creatures, buildings, etc. When the game askes if you want to keep your old data or delete it (cant remember if it asks you if you want to keep it or delete it) anyways i had to delete all my spore stuff and reinstall the game. NO PROBLEMS YET (fingers-crossed)

But I can’t deinstall Spore. The deinstaller is chrashed too.

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