Spore short review

Don’t be in a rush to beat spore, or you will disappoint yourself. This is true for most games, but spore is a series of small games. I’ve only made it to the tribal game so far, and here’s my quick summary.

  1. Flow
  2. Creatures meets Virus
  3. The Settlers
Apart from #1, those are very tenuous similarities, but I am not remotely trying to accuse them of plagiarism. The games are “fun enough” – the sort of thing I would get my kids if they were 8-14. Having played the Gonzago prototype just yesterday, the creature level (#2) is startlingly and disappointingly familiar, complete with the same annoying difficulties getting stuck on terrain.
The Tribal level (#3) looks a bit more interesting, starts to look like it might be a bit of a civ game, but that promise evaporates pretty damn hard and fast; it’s what a civ game might be if we were on the C64 or Amiga, just a shed-load prettier with fancy animations.
Oh, and while I was writing this, it crashed and lost my game, so I guess I have to start again :)
Right now I’d have to say that if you are going to buy two games this month, and are trying to choose between Spore and Something Else… Hold onto your money till more reviews are in.


*Beats the drum for Colinization*

I’ve got a comment for you. It involves the words “quit playing Spore all night and get your ass to work”.

Heh, I been curious about just what spore would turn out being.
I think I’ll wait and grab it from the bargin bin at wal mart for my grandson.

There Dana…just like I taught you :)


Lol, I grabbed a pcgamer today that haad the creator demo. Man you can make so nasty critters……Even to the point of, how shall I put this…Rather well hung criters.
I realy ain’t checked this out but assume it’s a online “game”? They censor or let it all hang out?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Civ Revolution. Eagerly awaiting Colonization in a couple of weeks. There’s quite a lot of upcoming games that have piqued my interest lately, Force Unleashed, Fallout 3, Empire Total War. Been a while since there’s been that many games I’ve been excited about.

Am I the only one who finds the lack of a “don’t upload this” option a little invasive?

So, Are these yours?

I think you can tell it not to log in, but I don’t think you have any means of hiding the stuff it already published.

I am finding spore rather addicting. Up to the space age, it was rather boring, but at the space age, it has gotten rather interesting.

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