We were just talking about arrows and the old fletched-style arrow that London Underground used in the stations came to mind, but I can’t seem to find a picture of one anywhere. “This way to the trains” “This way out”…

Help me, obi-googler, you’re my only hope!



They’re in a font called New Johnson which is copyrighted to London Underground. I think most of the arrow signs are on there but I’ve not looked for a bit. The LUL roundel is in the font so I suppose an arrow is too.

Most of the signs that use the arrows were made in the 1930’s during the Holden era.

Have a look at the bottom of this page where an arrow’s used as a link. There’s also an arrow in one of the pictures.

If you’re ever in London I’ll take to to visit Down St. It’s quite interesting there.



Excellent, not looking to copy it just wanted the example because when I tried drawing it it looked stupid and I couldn’t explain it visually :)

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