Hadrons, aren’t they extinct?

I thought all the Taranadons ate them?

I’m pretty sure that it’s not a good idea to be accelerating fossilized ancestors of the sauramons around tunnels in Sweden.

Chris Matyszczyk argues the case against the LHC far better than I could. After all, if we allow KRENN to create a black hole in the middle of the earth (why they dug tunnels that far down I don’t know) does the bible specify an alternate meeting place for the rapture?

After reading a few of the comments, I suddenly realized the origin of Dark Matter, the mysterious “something” out there bending light but invisible to scientists.

Isn’t it obvious?

Dark Matter is made of humor.


Wow, he sunk that hook in deep..

“Dark Matter is made of humor” but only the extremely dry isotope which doesn’t contain any water and thus has an atomic mass of zero.

I din’t do it, you can’t prove nuffin’.

The strange folk have arrived. Camouflaged, hidden behind dark glasses. No-one notices them, people only see shadows.

Dark matter, serious business…

Is that some kind of Wiking love poem? :)

CERN entering another dimension with hadron collider: Rap!

hardons r extenct!!!!!

we need mass carpet bombing with VIAGRA!!!!


gawd i feel stoopid*

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