Back (Prolog)

Back in Bedford; meeting my old mate Nicolai was one of the highlights alongside Lum electing to come sit with myself and Gophur during Bruce Sterling’s keynotes and a long (and very helpful) chat with Damion Schubert – I just hope that my subsequent guilt over having hogged so much of your time didn’t translate as any kind of rudeness :) Was really great to see Mo too, infact the entire NetDevil crew were really great people – except for Ryan. He says he was trying to fend someone off from Regi, but he also seemed to be very keep in visiting Oil Can Harrys…

Wore my “Plain Clothes Cop” t-shirt on Tuesday, which is usually fun but having so many people stare at your chest is unnerving :)

More in the next few days, including pics.

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Don’t forget a a pic of the “Plain Clothes Cop” t-shirt

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