I’m a PC

Apparently, Microsoft find Apple’s “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac” dehumanising. So, in response, they went and got a lot of people to say “I’m a PC” with Deepak Chopra saying “not a human doing, not a human thinking, but a human being”. Seriously? I really enjoy being a human doing – there are all kinds of human things I love doing – and I really enjoy being a human thinking – nothing like a good challenge. I guess a human being is what we are while we’re waiting for Office to load?

It’s a much better advert than the Seinfeld ones, which give me the creeps, and I didn’t watch it to be critical of it. I hate being advertised to but I love TV adverts and I genuinely enjoy a being well advertised to – there are actually adverts I will actually stop a TiVo fast foward and watch as a tip of the hat.

It’s a well made ad, has that en-vouge hand-held you-tube feel to it, switching between folks saying “I’m a PC and I design jeans” etc. Tip of the hat, Bill Gates appears and says “I’m a PC and I wear glasses”. But it mixes its metaphors.

But it mixes its metaphors so that the message of the advert becomes “People aren’t a PC or a Mac, they’re just people, but most people are PCs anyway and they get used all over the place, and look how much they smile!”

The smiling is definitely part of the message. That’s an instant fail, for me, because they’re paid actors and Microsoft really don’t want to be giving you any reason to think “mindless” or “drone” during one of their adverts: windows isn’t a choice, merely what comes with a computer by default. 

I’d have to say that the advert did more for Apple than Microsoft. Without it, the Apple ads were just funny little reminders that Apple does stuff other than iPods and iPhones. The total lack of substance blows them out of the water and renders them largely ineffective. But, now, Microsoft have responded… Watching a forum troll scream and hollar at a brick wall can be mildly amusing, watching them successfully bait that know-it-all prick on said forum … priceless.


‘Life without walls’ eh… Wouldnt a life without walls make buying windows a waste of money?

I find it amusing that, on a Vista Home Premium machine of moderately good specs, the Mac ad series plays and presents flawlessly. It’s the perfect video experience, no muss, no fuss. Click and experience, in HD with excellent sound.

The Windows ad series, OTOH, has crappy sound. The video is choppy. The Seinfeld Show Circus ad sounds like it’s underwater, no matter how long I let it load or how many times I play it, straight from the Microsoft servers. This on a machine that’s pretty much otherwise free of technical issues in gaming and multimedia applications.

I’m sure this somehow is an artifact of my individual machine, hardware environment, some sort of problem unique to me, and conceptually not Microsoft’s fault…but it nonetheless perfectly reinforces Apple’s fundamental takeaway core message, which is that Macs just work.

The problem with these ads is essentially they say nothing “lots of people use windows”. At least the Apple ads give a way for Apple to show its advantages. I did like the commercial as a piece (especially the guy who says I’m A PC and I sell fish) but not as a marketing gimmick. I can imagine how Apple could make fun of this tho :-)

I love Peter Sellars playing the character Deepak Chopra. That’s brilliant.

Yes, that’s pretty much it, ahwulf, about the ad as a piece.

I really think, in the campaign of personality, Microsoft shouldn’t be taking the peer-pressure avenue. It makes Apple look like the “don’t do drugs” crowd while MS put themselves in that annoying-bitch who decides who is in and out and says “everyone does it” seat. The MS ad says nothing but “don’t listen to them because we’re popular”.


I’m a PC and … Birdy Num Num.

After watching the seinfeld webisodes that were supposed to counter the ‘i’m a mac and i’m a pc’ I couldn’t help but stare at the screen

What the hell did that have to do with windows (the product) or anything actually

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