Force Finished

Sorry, but one of the last encounters is hands down the worst piece of gameplay ever. I suppose they were going for “You must dominate”. But I’d like to be able to see my character, especially since targetting is based on the direction you are facing.

It seems like there may be two possible endings. I was working on one last night, then I fired it up again today and found it hadn’t saved that progress and put me back at the sequence of fights. There is one fight with an enemy standing in the middle of a little force-shieldy thing. After you get past the first round, he jumps to the back of the scene and forces you to do the same. Then … the camera stays at the far side of the room, and you have to finish the fight with your characters only about 1/20th of the screen height. There are no lights at the back of the room, just the very bright glow of the force-field-floor between you, throwing the back of the room into deeper shadow.

Finally defeating this guy, I returned to the “you choose” step of the finale. Annoyingly, it put my character just off-screen. Assuming I was facing down the center of the screen I pushed forward and fell to the choice I didn’t want to make. Nice.

Ok – so I’m fighting the other guy again, who has magically regrown the limbs I chopped off in the previous sequence. This can’t be a good sign…