Adobe, absolute evil

My PC has been running Vista for the last few weeks mostly because it boots like greased lightning. 20 seconds, top, from BIOS to Desktop. Then tonight, it suddenly took over 3 minutes from login to Desktop.

Puzzled, I compared the results from SysinternalsAutoruns between last night and tonight. The difference?



Well, we went ahead and did it; switched from Visual Source Safe to Subversion. Ahh. The producers see TortoiseSVN and want it, so our data will be going over soon too. Right now we’re running VisualSVN¬†server on our Windows file server and their client for Visual Studio.

I’m now trying to set up commit hooks and running into brick walls. I wanted to avoid having to write something myself and though the Ruby commit-mailer.rb sounded promising. Except, it appears that Ruby no-longer ships with ruby-svn and I can’t figure out where the heck you would¬†get it from.

So, I guess I’ll do something with the Perl version. That’s not so bad, really, I can make it announce commits to the IRC server while I’m at it :) Or, more likely, have it write the announcements to a database and let something else pick them up.