Adobe, absolute evil

My PC has been running Vista for the last few weeks mostly because it boots like greased lightning. 20 seconds, top, from BIOS to Desktop. Then tonight, it suddenly took over 3 minutes from login to Desktop.

Puzzled, I compared the results from SysinternalsAutoruns between last night and tonight. The difference?


By “Desktop” I mean the desktop is displayed and responsive.

I rebooted a couple more times, 2-3 minutes from login to desktop consistently. So I disabled it’s new entries:

And… Back to 20 seconds from BIOS to Desktop. Re-enable it, 2 minutes. Disable it, 20 seconds. I repeated this test 6 times (3 each). So, now it’s off.

This works for stuff like the Sun Java stuff, etc, etc. Better still, because it’s merely disabled, they don’t re-enable themselves (even googleupdate stays off if you turn it off).

I can still view PDF files from the desktop or from my browser. Yeah, it can take a little longer for them to open.

Adobe makes Satan seem like a pretty nice guy. I’m pretty sure that all religions teach us that we are supposed to stone, kill or severely maim any Adobe employees we know…

If you run autoruns under Windows XP, make sure you look for “file not found” entries… Delete them. That’ll significantly improve boot up time.


I think you need to include past links to all of your previous rants about the evils of adobe. They up there past realnetworks and almost to M$ levels of Evil.

Second on the Foxit.

Waccy, you’re pushing this?

PDF to HTML is an easy-to-use software …

You let that slide?

Yes yes! One click and your problems are all sorted! Honest!

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