Battle of the Alps

Tonight was another Kill-A-Rat promotion and the last night of the Campaign #45 intermission (Campaign #45 ran for 92 days concluding in an Axis victory).

We had a great turnout and I was loathe to see it evaporate as the Rats logged off and went their various ways. So I did a little something daft on an impulse and it turned out to be awesome fun. A few minutes flight in the buzzard, a quick /msp, switch sides, repeat… And out went the announcement of the Battle In the Alps. Latham and I kept moving the spawns around to keep it from getting camped, and then we moved to another mountain top for a huge charge. Finally, we wound down by relocating to area 51 for a bridge rush.

The mountain-top battle was by far the most fun. Which is strange, given that it’s the butt-end of the universe, and the ground is a 128 x 128 pixel texture stretched over an 800x800m square…



Thanks to everyone who turned up, to all those who fought, and all those who laughed when we moved the MSP even higher still than the top of the Alps and forgot to give you a parachute :)


Damn, I wish I had stayed on. Every time you have a rat kill I only get 1 – you.

The Alps were always one of my favorites parts of the gameworld is WW2OL. It still amazes me that they are there in such detail, so far away from the normal play area. I remember the first time we flew down there to check it out, and then when we tried to drive an Opal. I had to log off so I didn’t get to make the whole journey, I dont’ remember if they ever made it the whole way…

Damn, I missed that!

I hope that in the future we’ll get to fight there during a regular map!

A change in scenery would be awesome, still waiting for Africa! :-)

dam-it, dam-it
i missed it

Many times on the TS I’ve set a msp in the alps. Peeps always have a ball :)

Another good spot is the mountain on the flak island just south of A51. We had some great all inf battles there in the past.

That was a lot of fun last night, too bad you didn’t get any pic’s when you were Allied :(

I was too busy when I was playing Allied :)

It’s always fun to battle using the terrain to your advantage (or your enemy’s). I do it everytime I can, leading my squadmates right behind me so we will pop out of ‘nowhere’ and surprise the enemy. I have been told by some of them that they would rather play half an hour of maneuvering with me than 30 minutes of direct combat. I hope I get to fight someday on a higher resolution Europe.

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