Nicolai aka “Crazy German” (Austin)

1993-2000 I worked for Demon Internet in England, first for Demon Systems but I rapidly slid into doing various Internet things and moving over to DIS proper. (Particularly proud of my mention on the “Internet” link; for 9 months I had the email address “o@uk”). Up through the ranks of the Support Team came a guy called Nicolai with a thick German accent and an in-your-face sense of humor. We were both big on software development and we both had a more than passing interest in game development. So as I was hooking up with old-friends on Facebook, Nicolai’s was one of the folks I actively sought out.

Surprise, surprise: Nicolai was listed as being in Texas, Austin infact. Turns out he’s at Bioware, having done a while at Sony/Psygnosis. We agreed to have beers while I was there in AGC, but we kinda neglected to arrange it before I left town.

Not seeing him at AGC, I decided to ask a couple of the Bioware folks if they knew him. Damion Schubert spared me a while for very useful conversation, and at the end I asked about Nicolai Guba. Damion couldn’t quite place the name, so I added, “crazy German guy” and Damion immediately knew who I mean’t. The next two Bioware guys, as soon as I said Nicolai, replied “the crazy German guy?” So the next one, I asked “Do you know the crazy server programmer guy” to which he replied, “oh, Nicolai?” Finally, after his rather excellent talk, (“Accelerating programming teams in an iterative environment“), I had a brief chat with Damon Osgood, who once again identified “crazy German guy” as “Nicolai” :)

Infact, we met up with Nicolai monday night at the Heatwave Rockband party at the Sky Lounge, where we also met up with Chris Sherland (“MO”) and the NetDevil folks before hooking up with Mike Webber (“Gryf”, now QA lead at Gearbox) and heading off to an Irish pub (where the drinks were on Gryf). Nicolai is every bit as crazy as I remember, picked up right where we left off with his brow-beating me for all the Perl coding I used to do at Demon before his friend John accidentally gave away the fact that Nicolai is now a Java programmer.

Was a pretty good party, and had a lot of fun at Fados with Gryf, Nicolai and the NetDevils right up until one of the Netdevil guys tried to disrupt something happening nearby by grabbing me by putting his hand over my face and pretending to french me. I’m sure he thought I was Mo. Still, that sobered me up fairly rapidly and things broke up shortly afterwards.

Possibly the funniest moment of the night was Mo scuttling (he scuttles, definitely) up to a guy from Sony and saying “Wait, I know you from somewhere, where do you know me from?” and pulling the guy into a 5 minute “who the hell are you”. No, I think Mo dropping to the floor and deciding to demonstrate 1-handed pushups on the corner of 5th and Congress was pretty fun too :)


Does he play Team Fortress 2? There is a guy who plays on the Studio Rumble server that goes by the name [BIO] The German. He’s rather eccentric.

Naaa, that’s another stock German off the production line. I torment teenagers on servers worldwide as =NPG=, sometimes also [BIO]=NPG= or even [BWA]=NPG=, pending on what my colleagues talk me into.

Oh and I deffo play TF2 and COD[1,2,4 and probably 5]


That TF2 servers? I’ve loves me some TF2. I wanted to join in on some rumble action but not enough CRS play TF2 – I think I’m the only one.

Tormenting teenagers is holy work.

Wait! Can you hear that? That breathing? There are twelve-year olds out there. I can hear them. And they need a beating!


So! Much! Bloo[d]!


If I could type, that would have said “What TF2 servers”.

Might want to get his steam ID as well, so much easier to find folks that way.

hey guys i would love to know if MO still logs in WWII on an alias, I had some guy PM me one day and claim to be him but i forgot to put him in my friends list. Did he mention anything about still playing?

I had one of the best all time dog fights with him in a 109f and me in a dewo it lasted over 30 minutes. :)

Be fun to fly a few sorties with him again, If you have a contact for him perhaps I could shoot him an email S!

Mo says he plays 2-3 times a week.


Its a server where a bunch of ‘studio’ people play (video game studios).

My steam ID:

Thanks bloo i will look for him in game. I posted a thread in the hangar hoping he might see it as well S!

I must be lucky to have this “crazy German” be from the same HS as me. one in many millions of that happening. sorry everyone, being from the same school does help reminisce and gain aqcuaintance. I will let you all know just how crazy he is. ; )

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