Campaign 46 begins

The Axis turned in another victory last weekend after a fairly epic 92 day Campaign that could have gone either way at various points during the battle. We’ve made some tweaks to movement timers (the full 60 minute timer now applies whether you are moving from or to a frontline town, and the behind-lines timers is now 30 minutes instead of 15) and I snuck in “Chat Shortcuts” ($orig, $targ, $lead, $unit, $miss). Doc reduced the armor in Infantry Brigades some more, Riflemen are down to 700 per non-armor brigade vs 900 previously.

It promises to be a fascinating campaign with relatively simple changes and no client patch as yet.


All tweaks in the right direction. I’d hope for even more distinction to get /fallback to really be a great gameplay option.

Makes routing a bit easier, but routed brigades need to be forced to come back to an AF and then *move* to battle. Makes AF’s that are not on the frontlines even more special and AF’s generally a “strategic” battle.

Also, you can reduce time out game for routed brigades this way, as they must move under longer timers to the front.


An AF or a railroad-station town. It’s about time the rail lines got more significance!

Really pleased with the changes.

The move times are great – the reduction in kit and differentiation are great. Hoping the fallback move will be utilised and show a nice change in gameplay.

Sounds like these changes will create a more fluid front and make break throughts more likely.

KFS, is it possible for different brigade types to have different movment timers?


they’re definatly having a good effect. making some more interesting play. good to see GHC losing out a bit on the new timers effect getting caught with their pants down in ciney

I like the idea of railroad towns having a different timer if it is possible.

Panhards will rule in Tier0 but each Tier bring us nearer to closer battles.

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