Inconsistent Line Endings

If you’re using Subversion and you get a problem between two branches with “inconsistent line endings” you may be in for a world of hurt.

1.29 Open Beta is out

Oh, it’s been a fun day. It turns out, for instance that 0 + 1 is not 0 (++counter; assert( counter == 0 ); no worky)

Anyway, with a little tweaking and figuring out of who had what checked in or not checked in and we finally got it stable. Gophur is uploading a client patch with the first wave of fixes as I type but Open Beta is available for download right now.

Open Beta Announcement (Battleground Europe subscription required, sorry)

And so it came to pass…

It Happenethed

I really didn’t think this would happen so quickly. When you’ve been fitting spits and spots of systems together over 6 years towards a goal, you build up an overly active awareness of how much is involved. You’re overly inclined to fill in variables. I knew that the host was easy enough to build, and I’d scripted the mac build for Gophur, so I knew that wasn’t hairy. Recently I’d come to know that now the client and host source is all in one repository I can match source revisions. But, when I tried to put it all together, along with scripting it under Windows … Pop. I think my head just exploded, is that my amygdala on your lapel?

The key to it all was VSoft’s FinalBuilder. There are many build tools, but FinalBuilder is a basically a graphical scripting language / scripting language assembly tool the likes of which you expect from old Amiga tool sets or the Mac. These geniuses of it is delivering the power an old scripting hack like me only images getting from Perl/Python/Ruby/JavaScript/Rexx in a graphical interface.

God bless Xiper :)

Xiper is the author of the “Battleground Europe Game Monitor“. BGEM is the little tool that makes my desktop look like this:

BEGM itself appears as nothing more than a side bar with a bunch of stuff I can’t quite recall how we lived without before this sort of thing was available.


Given the number of votes for Ubuntu already, and since the download was incredibly fast, I went ahead and booted up the DVD. Off the bat, very impressive, really slick. But then I immediately ran into issues. Well, one really: “RAID”.

Desktop Linux

So I’m curious… If you had to work with a Linux desktop OS – regardless of what your general OS preference is – which of the Linuxes would you choose?

My kind of news

The only thing that could make it happier news if they were going to hang them or rustle up a firing squad.

A few weeks ago I found someone unloading trash from the compactor at the end of our complex, so after calling the cops I hurried back to the nearby pet-poop disposals and picked up two rather full bags of dog droppings into which I tipped some of the junk-mail fliers from the mail room. I put the junk mail bag on the very edge of the disposal and rested the two, seemingly smaller and less filled, waste bags slightly on top of it. Then I retreated to a safe distance.

Sure enough, a minute later, she pulled out of her hiding spot and pulled up again by the trash. She immediately went for the junk mail and finding it stuck gave a good, hard, tug. Oops.

Unfortunately, that meant she was gone when the cop arrived five minutes later, but I was able to give the officer a picture of her license plate and a picture of her, uhm, dog day experience.

Spammers and Identity thieves: if I found one on fire and my bladder was about to rupture, I’d hold it in while I tried to find some more gasoline…

The conversion continues…

A strange trek it’s been: I was an early adopter of the old Microsoft Natural keyboards, they still rank amongst my favorites, I don’t like how they’ve been changed since. When I saw the skimpy little rectangular that came with the iMacs on Gophur or Rickb’s desk, I instantly disliked them based on look alone.

Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboard

Further sins

Having dipped my toes in the scandalous, muddy waters of multiple inheritance (one structure with two parents, which in programming is bad – all the cool structs and classes have just one direct ancestor), today I decided to adventure into the realm of operator new overloading

Multiple inheritance

I’m not sure whether or not to be scared. I’ve been bleeding away dev time on the instancing work due to the lack of a standard definition of “The Player” between hosts processes. It was also a fairly large part of what kept me from delivering dynamic missions.

With no basal definition of a player within the system, who’s authoritative for any given item can be a nightmare.

So I had to introduce a new fundamental… class wwii::Player.