Love me a Toto

Thanks, Bruce :) Although if you have any complaints about the new logo, blame me :)


Uhh yer a g*dd*mn Brit. Not a Texan!

Fixin’ to have me a greencard, bless your heart.

By the time you get carded, you will realize that it’s, “fixinta”–one word in Tejas that means ‘about to’.

Hey Rafter, go make your own blog you git! Oh yeah…er..sorry.

You’re not the boss of me!

I for one, am very proud of the proper use of fixin. Next you should work on ‘put up’ and the correct inflection of yall.

Yep, yall is a gotta have. The more words you can run together the higher you southern score goes ;)

Hey now, zeke, it’s y’all, not yall, and I was an early adopter of it – English is one of the few languages lacking a you plural. It’s not that long ago that we lost it, and I’m more than happy to welcome a replacement back into the language.

I prefer “ramblings” to the erudite “desultory narratives”. Praises to the man who tries to fit in with his plebian surroundings. ;)

Lol’ I can’t type it right but have you ever heard me talk on TS ;)

Oh and I like the ramblings bit too, if you’ve d/led any of my mp3s you’ll notice the album title is “OldZeke Ramblings”.

I like the new look here too :)

took a few days to notice but that is a very credible effort!

Oh, and y’all sounds a lot better than the other contenders in “youse” and “you lot”.

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