Before and After

Before my little weekend spree: Client took upto 10 minutes to build on my various boxes depending on how long before I started multi-tasking and what I was multi-tasking. Probably took around 5-6 minutes on Martini’s machine, and probably 6 minutes for a normal build on my work box if I left it alone. 4 minutes for a non-optimized debug build.

After: For a full, optimized build, the compile takes 55 seconds (61 seconds if you do a full rebuild including our teulKit network library). The link phase takes 2.5 minutes, most of which is “Generating code” (whole program optimization/link time code generation). So, it now takes less time for a complete build than it used to take to build a quick debug build. The debug build takes 125 seconds.

We can probably shave another 20-30 seconds off the debug build and 30-60 seconds off the release build with a little simple reorganization. For instance, one of the header files with the most overhead has a dual-use which makes it unsuitable, but I think I can fix that with a little project configuration.


Nice work, so if you build the client 100 times from now to release of 1.29, you’ve just shortened release time by approximately 12 hours? :-)

More to the point, because the build time is reduced, they’ll be able to do MORE builds. It’s a human behavior thing; long builds mean you end up putting off a build as long as possible, and then you get to figure out which of twenty things you changed caused the new bug.

Rapid builds let you test each change separately.

Please use these saved minutes on build times to complete instancing. Kthxbye

Please use these saved minutes on coffee breaks. Kthxbai.

JK, sounds cool to be able to take a turd and pick it up by the clean end.

“kthxbye”??? Is that canuck? You mean “kthxbai”? Jeez. Your kids must be so ashamed :)

Besides, what do you think was driving me to poke my head under the hood other than the amount of thumb-twidling I was doing waiting on builds? Built (debug) clients over 20 times last week. And after a few minutes, a slow client build quickly becomes a break or a trip to the blog or a chat with someone or …

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