Orange Box/TF2

I’ve already bought and registered TF2 online via Steam at home. I wanted to install it on my box here for our Friday night sessions. Jaeger has The Orange Box, and I thought maybe I could install it from that. Nope. It installed Steam but then it wants an activation key before it will let me install anything. Does that mean that if you reinstall you can’t use the DVD to install the games and have to download the, too?


So does this mean the AI MG in 1.30 will look like the AI turrets in Portal?

Extra bonus: they say things like the turrets do but in 1940 sounding words. They ask for a smoke if you walk past (British), ask for a Bottle of Wine (French) or Beer (German).

As far as I know all you have to do is give it the key. You might have to log into Steam as the owner of the game, but after that you should be able to log on as anyone who also owns it.

I did not need to enter a key using the same discs. Log into steam. Then install disc.

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