Atlantis did not suck

Actually liked the twist. With Daniel to bounce off, David Hewlett seemed more inclined to play the earlier style Rodney as much as the script allowed making him an asset to the episode rather than the bane he has become.

But, I think they missed a golden opportunity – small, potential spoiler, so I’ll inconvenience you with one of these despite it being fairly short:

Losing their Stargate would have reset things to an earlier, much grittier “seat of pants” setting. I think rushing in a replacement was a shame. They don’t have many episodes left, but they could have given themselves a big chunk of suspense to play with by throwing the team into the void, so to speak.

I’m starting to enjoy Atlantis, I’ve liked the last 4-5 episodes.

I wonder, though, if it has anything to do with the fact I religiously avoid watching the trailers/promos/spoilers/etc?


Nothing spoils a show more than trailers/promos/spoilser.

Heck you almost have to change channel teh second a episode finishes to avoid the ‘on next weeks show…’

I mean, I’ve even seen a show where the cliffhanger at the end of an episode was had someone died, followed seconds later by ‘on next weeks show’ which showed that character alive and well!!

Almost as bad as those, ‘on tonights show…’ which shows all the good bits before the show even starts!

Except some shows are better as trailers for next week’s episode only. I watched Primeval that way.

My TiVo stopped recording Primeval, despite all my efforts to convince it I wanted it to record the show.

Having watched the episodes it skipped, my TiVo is smarter than I am :(

Yeah, it was fun all the way around. Nice to see some of the ‘Fun’ that could be Life With Ronon. Though, one thing that’s been troubling me about this Season is that Teyla has been almost non-existent. She showed up briefly in previous episode for a little bit of the firefight with a couple of throw-away lines, then this week she’s left behind to command the station while the rest of the cast gets to go Play.

What struck me as 20/20 hindsight obvious was bringing back Michael Shanks for the re-introduction of the Asgard, seeing has he’s been the voice for half the various asgard characters that ever appeared on SG-1. Was he the voice for the Asgard on this last episode?

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