Multiple inheritance

I’m not sure whether or not to be scared. I’ve been bleeding away dev time on the instancing work due to the lack of a standard definition of “The Player” between hosts processes. It was also a fairly large part of what kept me from delivering dynamic missions.

With no basal definition of a player within the system, who’s authoritative for any given item can be a nightmare.

So I had to introduce a new fundamental… class wwii::Player.

WarHammer: Thanks for the pith.

I was reading Lum’s recent WarHammer post and my eyes were somehow just sliding over it until three words registered: “Oh, god no” (What do you know, PvE isn’t all that)

I kinda like WarHammer, but that sentiment (at seeing a quest NPC) was the same I took away from my whole experience.

SVN: 4 weeks in

Generally finding the switch from Visual Source Safe to SVN a boon, but there are definitely some areas where it’s weaker than you’d expect. In particular, we’re running into a few simple ball breakers:

Line Endings. Oh. My. God. When we populated the repository, we didn’t even think about this. Get this, using the Microsoft┬áversion control solution it wasn’t an issue. Ha – who’d think the first point for VSS vs Open Source RCS would be a cross-platform issue? (Anyone with coins inserted in their brain meter)

So, none of our files have svn:eol-style native. That’s the fix. But if I svn propset svn:eol-style native */*.cpp */*.h┬áthere’s just one minor itty bitty niggle: it changes every line in every file completely destroying┬áhistory and blame.