WarHammer: Thanks for the pith.

I was reading Lum’s recent WarHammer post and my eyes were somehow just sliding over it until three words registered: “Oh, god no” (What do you know, PvE isn’t all that)

I kinda like WarHammer, but that sentiment (at seeing a quest NPC) was the same I took away from my whole experience.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s a neat little world, although in a universe I know and care nothing about; it’s graphics took some steps which at first make you think “huh?” but eventually make you think “yeah”. The combat system is “comfortable” with some neat gimmicks; the PvP is pretty damn good fun – it’s better paced than Team Fortress 2, the only detractor is what you might call WarHammer’s “ramble to victory” – the PvP goodness is hidden away behind timers and delays: PvP instances are queued so you can’t just click and join one, and finding action in the battlegrounds can be hit or miss.

For my 4 hours spent in battlegrounds, I’ve had three fights one 1-on-6 which left me sore and bruised (my being the one) and two 4 on 2s. Our group of 4 captured all the towers in our little area encountering only two enemies – two level 7s to our party of 7, 8, 8 and 9 – and then encountering them again trying to retreat from the second tower we went to.

So, yeah, we more-or-less softcapped the area. And as the timer counted down that locked the area to our side, a group of Chaos finally turned up but seemed uncertain what to do with live enemy and didn’t engage so our group left after a few moments which made the whole experience feel rather pointless.

The first NPC I spoke to launched straight into almost mechanical “someones idea of Olde English” but the quest text is greyed out: you just scroll past it to the instructions which are bolded. The second NPC offered me a PvP instance (scenario), which I selected and then waited for. Upon gaining access, I was levelled up to rank 8 to have a fair chance, although frankly with my 1 spell and zero actual experience with the game, my chances weren’t that great no matter how fair :)

I tried a small handful of classes, all of which were fairly good – I liked the treatment of ranged DPS classes. The only class that bothered me was the Warrior Priest, the design of which is such that it really encourages you not to heal other people and focus on yourself. By contrast, the Archmage or Vanguard’s Disciple classes both succeed in tying active combat into healing for best effects. Not talking about class power or anything like that, just the abilities and the stylisation of the class makes healing others really not something you want to do.

Right now between TeamFortress 2, Hinterland and Battleground Europe… There’s just nothing magical enough about WarHammer (or any of the other MMOs right now) to draw me in. TF2: Twitch fix until I want to vommit; Hinterland: Level/build/grind; BE: The long, slow burning adrenaline rush and actual large PvP that’s not just button mashing.

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Ah for that sort of thing I’m playing Bad Company on the PS3 – darn sight more fun right now.

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