My kind of news

The only thing that could make it happier news if they were going to hang them or rustle up a firing squad.

A few weeks ago I found someone unloading trash from the compactor at the end of our complex, so after calling the cops I hurried back to the nearby pet-poop disposals and picked up two rather full bags of dog droppings into which I tipped some of the junk-mail fliers from the mail room. I put the junk mail bag on the very edge of the disposal and rested the two, seemingly smaller and less filled, waste bags slightly on top of it. Then I retreated to a safe distance.

Sure enough, a minute later, she pulled out of her hiding spot and pulled up again by the trash. She immediately went for the junk mail and finding it stuck gave a good, hard, tug. Oops.

Unfortunately, that meant she was gone when the cop arrived five minutes later, but I was able to give the officer a picture of her license plate and a picture of her, uhm, dog day experience.

Spammers and Identity thieves: if I found one on fire and my bladder was about to rupture, I’d hold it in while I tried to find some more gasoline…


Unfortunately there is not much you can do unless the dumpster is in an enclosed gated area. They can be charged for trespassing.

Public access to the bin, and you have given away possession of the materials by placing them a trash receptacle. No crime is being committed.

We routinely have people diving into our recycle bins for cans, all of my paper is shredded that has any kind of offer, or our names and address on it.

The rats need to buy a shredder.

My gramps says it like this: “I wouldn’t piss on them if their guts were on fire.”

Even shredded paper is just a good jigsaw puzzle to the desperate or focused.

Oh, I have to confess, while I did try taking a picture of the outcome, my camera really sucks and all I got was a bunch of blurs.

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