God bless Xiper :)

Xiper is the author of the “Battleground Europe Game Monitor“. BGEM is the little tool that makes my desktop look like this:

BEGM itself appears as nothing more than a side bar with a bunch of stuff I can’t quite recall how we lived without before this sort of thing was available.


He hasn’t developed this for CRS and hasn’t had anything (except deep gratitude) from CRS for doing this, it’s been his own little labor of love. And for sure, there are numerous others who have developed stand alone apps and website tools that use the WireTap services. BEGM happens to fill a gap in the toolset here at the office, though: most player developed tools focus on features or presentation of information we already have custom access to. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the rest of you beavering away with WireTap. I see a variety of people accessing the data sets but other than Xiper and Zeta rarely hear from any of you. In a few weeks I’m going to be looking at setting up a WireTap blog to give you a better means of conversing with me and other WireTap users.

I’m really hoping that the instancing work in 1.29 (which allows players to step out of the shared, campaign world, into their own “instance” of the game world) is going to lead to some very cool squad/events/community stuff in the next 12-18 months that will really benefit from some of the early, pioneering WireTap stuff done by folks like Drave and 101st Airborne. I’m sure it won’t hurt that the source code to BEGM is there on SourceForge for all to download (and borrow, copy, modify, etc… ) :)


I love this program and have used it for a while now, but in this latest release the Equipment status is nice……. he left out NAVY stuff :(

I hope in the next release he will put in the navy stuff. And I am greatful for having this program and not being charge for it THANKS XPIPER :)

My Bad i found the navy stuff…. runs and hides

Yes , me and my squad use this app. Thank you xiper for all your hard work . You should make KFS get you a capital letter in your game name,and maybe a neat little symbol next to it too.

Reddog runs……….

I can’t live without BEGM, thanks, Xiper

Wiretap blog is mmm mmm good. I’d like BEGM to be the new black, or the next UI.

BEGM is almost too good; there’s no point for anyone else to develop anything now! :)

BEGM is a great tool, but there are still a lot of features missing. As soon as I get the time, I will come up with them. I honestly have no idea, from where xiper takes all this time, to make such a great tool :)

So I will be back … “soon” ™

And if I may correct you kfs1, the really pioneering work was done by ampos250 and his BEView.


BEGM fills the “spectator” need, and does a great job of it. That leaves plenty of room for other tools :)

Drave, correctly, I was the first :)

And Krenn, you are right, it is sooo good that there is no point doing anything else… :(

Xiper, stay tunned, I will sue you for market monopoly.

I suppose Wiretap’s a bit lacking on the whiteboard/collaboration front… IE: the HC’s could use a tool that integrates live and historical reporting with the ability to draw out planned moves. It would also be handy to have notifications via a server based implementation.

Timeline, info about past events and a more HC orianted focus (emphasis on the flags etc.) are the only things going for my Webmap. Everything else and much more can be found from BEGM. :)

I’d have a long list of stuff to do in-order to catch up, but I have been focusing on internal HC tools (the allies are ahead of the axis in these). Some of that work will eventually slip into the public Webmap also; when I can find the time. :)

Yes this is a fantastic tool and it’s put together in a rather slick interface – Easy to use and read and sits in the background or foreground.

I would like to thank Xiper for this as it is a fantastic little app that I have used a lot since it’s latest release.


any updates for BGEM for 1.31?

Specifically? I guess there’s a couple of vehicle pictures to update, and i might change the Town Status tables column, but otherwise it still works fine. I’m only maintaining BEGM at the moment, have been working on my next wwiiol project. :)

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