1.29 Open Beta is out

Oh, it’s been a fun day. It turns out, for instance that 0 + 1 is not 0 (++counter; assert( counter == 0 ); no worky)

Anyway, with a little tweaking and figuring out of who had what checked in or not checked in and we finally got it stable. Gophur is uploading a client patch with the first wave of fixes as I type but Open Beta is available for download right now.

Open Beta Announcement (Battleground Europe subscription required, sorry)

The tutorials are now multi-player instances, but the other players you can see/interact with will only be the guys on your side. The training occurs at Area 51 but Toto re-did it rather nicely. I especially like the open ground in the middle half of the shooting range. It takes a minute to register but once it does you almost want to hug it :) “I play here?”

It seems like we lost some fixes/changes from when we swapped over from SourceSafe to Subversion – I guess someone hadn’t checked everything in when I made the switch over. Or maybe checked it in after the switch over.


Yeah but the patching server is down :-(

needs more tags

Does it accept State Fair coupons?

Instancing needs some work, (e.g. STOs are visible in all instances it seems), but who am I telling …
All in all great work, I didn’t expect to see the beta servers work at all after such a radical change.

Hopefully you can squash the Icon Bug with the new wwii::Player class (spawn a bunch of similar sounding names – try kfs1-kfs11 and watch the map). Why does the player object have to carry different ids for the different servers, legacy code?

Well just thought I’d mention that my sub ran out (totally unrelated the the quality of the game) but I still have access to the bug reporting forum so I have downloaded the beta and can read all those announcements.

It’s a pity I can’t try the beta sitting on my desktop though. It seems that the PowerPC version was busted with this beta. The game will launch, sit at a black screen for about 5 seconds and then just return to the desktop. No “program unexpectedly quit” or anything.

I read the bug forum and it looks like intel macs can launch it fine, but anyone with a PPC can’t (of course I can’t post). Too bad, there are so many interesting changes that I’d like to see for myself.

Working on the PPC thing with ahwulf.

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