X3TC: A little upgrade goes a long way


Did I mention that it has awesome, kick-ass background music?

I played for a couple of hours last night before the big storm arrived and I upgraded my ship’s weapons: up until now it has really been for show (it seems like the AI pirates will scan your ship and are more inclined to attack a target with no weapons). Now it’s for kicking ass.

I have a bunch of ships running errands for me – mostly ferrying for an ore mine I built. Last night I bought a new hauler and loaded it up with mining gear and sent it off to collect ore from sub-asteroid rocks in various sectors.

But I also have a few smaller ships mapping sectors for me. One is my original “Discoverer” ship, another I found abandoned in a remote sector and the last 

Then I called in my scout ship off from the mapping mission I’d sent it on and ordered it to “protect me” and headed off for certain doom in the one Xenon sector I’ve discovered. Along the route, who should appear but my nemesi, this little gang of 3 pirate ships that totally trounced me. Ahhh… But that was before the 25MW shields and boy does this gun make them go boom nice. And that’s before my scout arrived.

With scout ship in town it was rather a lot of fun cruising around the Xenon sector with these huge-ass Xenon “Q” ships following after me. Several of the weapons have a sort of “flak” effect which is perhaps a little unrealistic in a space sim but it makes running away quite a rush :)

If I seemed like an X3TC hater in my previous post – well, I was annoyed with it. There’s definite good gaming goodness underneath, though.


Sounds like fun, will have to check it out.
So many games not enough time, sigh…

Are you dead?

It certainly feels that way :-P

im becoming convinced to try this game, eve was ok but got boring fast.

stop tempting me to spend money dammit!


Well I saw the blog entry by KFS1. Never heard of the game before but it seemed very interesting. So I bought it last friday 12:4x:xx GMT+1

This game is really awesome. I now “only” played for about 8 hours, but I nearly can’t stop. Even if I get killed so much and as a newbie in the X-Universe I have no clue of how the things are working. It seems to be VERY complex, but makes a lot of fun.

I think the best tipp I got yet: “In any sector you reach, go to a space station and save the current game state!” :)

It can happen fast, that you get in such a situation:
… enemies sighted …
… in fire range …
… rockets started (not mine!) …

But that enemy ship looked so coool! I want to have such a ship too, and I even can have it once, if I get enough credits! :D

Thx KFS1 for the blogentry!


Some hints for playing X3:

– Menus: You can navigate menus with keypresses. You can also remap the keys.
– Manual: If you get the game off steam, there is a manual in the game folder (%STEAM_DIRECTORY%\steamapps\common\x3 terran conflict\Documents)

1. Hull damage = reduced speed. Repairs cost money. You can save money with an EVA. (Shift-E to eject, your suit is equipped with a repair laser)

2. Strafe drive. (w/s/a/d) You can greatly reduce the ease with which enemies hit you by mashing the strafe keys – however, see point 4.

3. Engine tuning, engine tuning, engine tuning. Upgrades your ship’s max speed.

4. X3 flight isn’t frictionless but it isn’t tie-fighter style. Combine this with the strafe drive and you can “orbit” a target while facing it and taking a lot less hits.

5. “SETA” (j key). By default it speeds things up by 6x. In the “Gameplay” settings you can bump it up to 8 or 10x. However, doing so can reduce the efficiency of navigation systems. This will manifest as ships bumping into each other and even destroying each other when they fail to avoid fast enough.

6. Weapons/shields all take up cargo space. Installed items are listed with a (*). You can expand your ship’s cargo and thus expand storage space for weapons/missiles/etc.

7. Trading:
7a. Trading Extension: Only your ship needs it – it lets you see prices at other stations in your sector or where another of your ships is without being there.
7b. Trading Extension Mk 1 and Mk 2: These provide the “remote best buy” and “remote best sell” options. “Remote” being the operative word. If you have another ship, get it fitted with it and have it do some background trading for you. If you find a good sector with a medium ship with M or L containers can quickly rake in quite a lot of money.
7c. Trading Extension Mk 3: Installs a pilot onto a ship who will supervise their own best buy/best sell operations in a sector. Once they reach level 5 they can trade between sectors (max range 1 sector). I think level 10 provides “universe trader”.
7d. “Best Buys Locator” and “Best Selling Price Locator”: There are a few stations that provide these upgrades. You can access them for your ships sector by pressing ‘5’ or ‘6’ or by pressing ‘5’ or ‘6’ when you have the top-level menu up for any ship in your property list.

8. Upgrades/Extensions:
8a. Navigation Extension Mk 1: Ships on autopilot will tend to travel slower if they don’t have it. Not sure what else it does.
8b. Special Command Mk 1: This provides one particularly sweet command, although it can be done manually. Lets just say, in the right sectors, it’s a free meal ticket :)
8c. Docking Computer: Your ship has an autopilot docking capability. But this extension isn’t pointless :)

9. Mining: Don’t blow up space rocks with your regular lasers :)

10. Missiles and Torpedoes: Not every missile is guided.

11. Faction: Try to get in people’s good books until you know what sells where etc.

12. Value: Tight for space? Want to know what to keep or throw? Do an Info on it and at the bottom the price range is listed.

13. Encyclopedia: There’s a lot of stuff in the X universe, don’t try to remember it all. Until the Pilot menu (top left) there is an Advanced sub-menu under which you can look up everything you’ve encountered – it will list stats on everything and list where things are bought/sold.

14. Ships: Under the right conditions, pilots will bail from their ships. Pilotless ships can be claimed. (Leave it to you to figure out how). Or they may drop cargo and try to run.

15. Missions: The mission ratings are fixed and so not very meaningful. Overall, I’ve found the missions disappointing. They’re occasionally useful. But note that sometimes ships have missions. Most importantly – sometimes you’ll find a pilot willing to sell their partly damaged ship. The prices are often very cheap and you can fix the ship up with a repair laser to avoid a hefty repair fee…

X3 Sector Map (does not include all the new Terran Conflict sectors): http://www.pagemark.nl/x3activemap/
Factory Complex Calculator: http://www.altanetworks.com/x3occ.html

Ok, so I managed to end up on the terran sh*t list by blowing up a ship at someone’s who-I-thought-was-authorized-but-wasn’t request. Now they attack me as soon as I get into terran sectors. Trouble is I have a terran ship so I can’t get weapons for it… So the question is: how do I improve my rep if I can’t interact with them??

Ouch – hrm. It’s possible, does the orbital platform in Heretics End have any missions for you?

Thx for the hints KFS1. They were very helpful. The game makes a lot of fun, but still I think it is very hard to learn it. Even harder than BGE :)

And I think I will need to speak with the egosoft developers about what means “very easy”. That doesn’t mean that you will encounter, with a not fully equipped sabre, 3 Xenon destroyers … urgl :S


“Ouch – hrm. It’s possible, does the orbital platform in Heretics End have any missions for you?”
You seem to be progressing far faster than I am… but I guess you played the previous games, huh? I haven’t tried returning to the terran sectors yet, but I think the terran platform wouldn’t let me dock, only the ATF ond. But now I have another question:

I set up some satellites to check up the state of the markets, but their “best sell” only gives me the best sell of what *I* carry. How can I use them to get the best selling price of what my remote TS is carrying? I guess this must be what the “remote best sell” does, but it would still be nice to be able to see which wares are in demand so that I can tell the freighter what to buy…

Best Sell /is/ intended only to give you the best sell for a ship – satellites don’t count as ships.

“Remote Best Sell” doesn’t give you the list, it’s just automatic, and again is limited to what’s on board.

You could, though, modify the script :)

But the satellites *do* have a “best sell” function, right? Or is that just a proxy for linking *your* ship’s best sell function through the satellite? Even if that’s the case, then how do I use the satellite to check for the best selling price for the cargo of my *other* ship which is in a 3rd system?

Maybe I should dig into the code, but I figured I should actually *play* the game before starting to hack it… ;-) It seems what would be really useful would be a “best buy/sell” function which aggregates over all systems for which you have data. Maybe someone’s already written it.

Oh, the scripting isn’t hacking, a tip of the hat to FOFT. If you hit their modding forum (www.egosofto.com) you can get scripts made by other players that expand the “ship upgrades” wareset available in your Universe – EgoSoft actually have a system whereby scripts can be officially sanctioned (signed) and become a pat of an expanded universe. It’s a neat way of balancing the hardcore puritan who wants to play it tough vs the rest of us who wouldn’t mind if there was a script now (rather than in the next version) that did XYZ — if you dial back and play each X you’ll see various of the scripts we take for granted in TC absent in earlier versions, but available as player mods :)

Alternatively, keep playing – you can learn a lot about the environment of your particular instance of the universe by plodding through those earlier, log-infested days :)

Personally I have spent hundreds of hours in X3 (Reunion and Terran Conflict). It is by far my favorite game.

Re: Nav Sats best buy / sell – it’s a bug, and has been fixed. Yes, you can get best buy / sell info remotely from your sats.

Re: mining ships, don’t bother as they are bugged, hopefully fixed when version 2 of the game comes out in April ’09.

i’m trying to get into piracy in the game but im having trouble getting the weapons i need. if someone can tell me where i can find a station that makes P.A.C.s i would be vary greatful.

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