X3:TC and on

I’ve been ill the last week and so I’ve not done much of anything. Last night I decided to spend a couple of hours gaming, maybe some Fallout 3. But when I got to the desktop, the X3 icon was just more appealing.

Oh, and did I mention, X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion were both available for Linux? (I think TC uses cutting edge Direct X stuff so no Linux port, at least not yet)

If your BEGM broke…

Oops :) (I added some extra XML attributes to one of the files).

I’ve fixed it but you’ll need to kill your pre-existing “config.xml” which it appears you have to do manually.

Start > Run > “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\BEGameMonitor\”

(including quotes)

Delete config.xml, restart BEGM.

Tactful Advertising

Off in the background the TV entertains the cat. But then I heard a new GM Ad: 

America’s biggest automobile company and its dealers want to help you get the loan you need.

It’s General Motor’s Financing That Fits.

Offering access to millions of dollars …

I guess they booked the ad before they started wanting bailout money?

Just saying – it can’t sound right to the average Joe :)