If your BEGM broke…

Oops :) (I added some extra XML attributes to one of the files).

I’ve fixed it but you’ll need to kill your pre-existing “config.xml” which it appears you have to do manually.

Start > Run > “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\BEGameMonitor\”

(including quotes)

Delete config.xml, restart BEGM.


Way to break it!

Sadly, the fix isn’t working for me on Vista.

You’ll have to search for “BEGameMonitor” or “config.xml” on your machine then, sorry :) Just make sure the one you delete is in a folder called “BEGameMonitor” :)

Yeah, it’s not seeing any kind of config.xml file at all. I went so far as to check the BEGM folder manually and no dice.

Vista: try Start > %LOCALAPPDATA%\BEGameMonitor\

– Oliver

Worked. Thanks.

Adding data? That shouldn’t be a problem in XML files, until you new to XML (like I was) and pick attribute data by index instead of the attribute name.
*would be very happy, if Xiper made the same error* :)


He added a doctype with a relative path to the dtd, which should have been fine except by default the over zealous .NET xml parser wants to go off and grab the dtd to make sure the xml is good.

The problem was more the fact that after kfs corrected it BEGM was still crashing on startup while trying to load the bad cached xml. I’m sure i have code in there that does a test-parse of the cached xml to make sure it’s valid as part of the checks to see if the cache needs updating. I’ll check why it didn’t catch this. And stop it from automatically grabbing the dtd. And delete a cached file if it fails to parse.

I deleted the whole xml contents of the folder stated, on startup it created them again, but I still get this error :

“An error ocurred parsing /xmlquery/hcmovereq.xml?from=1235571874

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (266 aditional errors)”

The list of Brigade Movement Result codes had gone awol. Xiper figured out what was causing it and I fixed it.

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