WireTap now uses UTF-8

During today’s 1.29 patch one of the changes occuring is a transition from Latin1 (ISO-8859-1) encoding of names to UTF-8. This affects town names with umlats (Köln) and German and French brigade names (1. Fallschirmjäger 1.Gruppe, 13ème Demi-Brigade de Légion Etrangère).


Special Holiday Request:

1.29 .exe with SSE 4.1 extensiions.

Is PPC Mac fixed for 1.29?

Seems there are some errors in the squadlist.full.xml
At least one invalid character at line 36, column 36.
Also it seems, the document is not complete.

Would be nice, if you could fix that. Thx.


how about including squadmember lists in wiretap? it would be nice to pull the list from a central database instead of each squad maintaining their own list (which is not always consistent with actual in-game data)

I guess the main reason would be that 90+% of all negative objections to Wiretap I’ve seen have been from people who didn’t want to see their squad list exposed.

– Oliver

Drave: If you were viewing the document with IE, it /would/ appear incomplete after an invalid character, doesn’t mean the document was incomplete. I don’t (currently) see anything wrong with the file.

When you did have the squad association, it was pretty cool to aggregate the capture by squad.

The no-affiliation did rule the map.

I’m using Opera 9.62. And my java XML Parser throws an exception at the same place.
The error is only in the squadlist.full.xml file.

After those chinese characters, squad-id: 10523

Also, isn’t there something wrong with that language element? The secondary language seems always to be a name and not a language.


Oh well, I hate code pasting in here … I hope this will work, ommited the bigger and lesser than:
languages secondary=’kazookⰀ爀漀氀愀渀搀’

Sry, for double post and if this won’t function, I don’t retry … *grml*


Hi m8, first of all, we are very grateful for your work at Wiretap, but…
Do you know it’s down from yesterday? It’s a CRS servers problem?
I can’t work at Be/1SCTools (not online atm) with real time data and I’m hopelessly hooked on it ^^

Thanks a lot again.

Why /xml/config.xml dont have right campaign number? it still have #58 and starting time is wrong…

campaing number and starting time is wrong at http://wiretap.wwiionline.com/xml/config.xml. could you change it…?

Erh, maybe you have it cached? For me it says Campaign #58 and the starting time is 40 days ago – which matches what is showing in-game.

The data is pulled directly from the live database, it’s not something I can edit.

Shhh, no-one told Oli they started campaign 59 without him a week ago… back to work KFS, nothing to see here.

maybe KFS should look frontpage of http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/, then he know what campaign is underway…. =) =)

thx for update to campaign number =)

Rofl. If you’re giving out free credit, well I guess I’ll accept :)

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