Battleground Europe 1.29 patched

Strewth what a long day. We’d gotten every thing scripted for publish the patch but a lot of it went well beyond the realms of what I’ve been able to automate to date, and there are so many external dependencies on the live cluster that I had to babysit each individual change. The meaty portion of the work was ensuring a smooth transition to UTF-8. It didn’t help that the reversed-map campaign is going well, so we couldn’t cheat and call it a reset.

Performance is up, eye candy is improved, the new default keymaps take a little adapting to but Bloo made really good calls on some of the keys and lots of it is combining functions to single keys so you have to remember less keys overall, and flying/driving with the keyboard is a doozy (god bless SgtSpoon) and WideScreen now works like it should.

Readme below: