Battleground Europe 1.29 patched

Strewth what a long day. We’d gotten every thing scripted for publish the patch but a lot of it went well beyond the realms of what I’ve been able to automate to date, and there are so many external dependencies on the live cluster that I had to babysit each individual change. The meaty portion of the work was ensuring a smooth transition to UTF-8. It didn’t help that the reversed-map campaign is going well, so we couldn’t cheat and call it a reset.

Performance is up, eye candy is improved, the new default keymaps take a little adapting to but Bloo made really good calls on some of the keys and lots of it is combining functions to single keys so you have to remember less keys overall, and flying/driving with the keyboard is a doozy (god bless SgtSpoon) and WideScreen now works like it should.

Readme below:

WWIIOL – Battleground Europe
Version (11-25-08)

We’ve added a new training feature. New players will need to complete a set of basic training tutorials. Upon completion of these tutorials, players will gain access to all of their personas. Players can access these training tutorials at any time by selecting the training tab for the brigade screen.
– Training instances are per country
– There can be several training instances per country open depending on the population
– Basic training covers movement, using the rifleman weapons, the map, chat and the HUD
– Future training will include advanced vehicle training and combat training
– The training tab can be accessed from the Brigade Screen
– Not all actions are allowed in training like turning off the HUD or opening and closing the map

Quick Help:
The UI now has quick help tutorials. These tutorials will explain each of the pages and tabs in the UI. These will start automatically when a player first views a page or tab. To replay these quick help tutorials a player can click on the [?] icon located in the upper right corner of each UI screen.

New Planes:
Two new planes have been added in the early tiers. The Allies receive the Spitfire Mk Ib and the Axis receive the Bf109E1.

Rudder Response Audit:
All planes have undergone an intensive audit to their rudder control mechanisms. This should address extreme yaw misbehavior found in some planes.

Incendiary Rounds:
The following planes have had their load out adjusted to include the German 7.9mm incendiary rounds:
– bf109f4
– bf109e1
– bf109e3
– bf110c
– bf110c4
– fw190a4

– The French SMG has had it’s kick adjusted to be inline with other weapons
– The combat knife is more deadly
– Engineers may now use the repair kit to rebuild destroyed AI
– Audited pistol dispersions to make them slightly more accurate at short range

– Fixed P38 visible damage so that booms now stay attached when engines are destroyed

– Fairmile 20mm tracers now show correctly
– Seamen will no longer be haunted by the incessant flapping of flags
– Boat fires are WAY cooler

– Audited the “big three” for improved mobility and handling
– PaK.36 37mm ATG had small increase in penetration

– Stug and Tiger commanders can now be properly killed
– PzKw.IIIf & Pz.38(t) 37mm guns had small increase in penetration
– Axis 75mm HI HEAT round had small increase in penetration

– AOs requested from army brigades (not paras) require a direct link to the objective
– AOs requested from army divisions (not paras) require a member brigade to have a direct link to the objective

– Players will no longer skip the Brigade Select screen
– Added new name tags in game to support Chinese characters (they look better too!)

– The mini map can now be zoomed using the (+) and (-) keys on the numpad
– The transparency slider for AWS has been adjusted and renamed

– EWS no longer shows aircraft
– EWS no longer triggers chat messages for aircraft
– The air raid siren is still in effect needing heavy bomber contacts to trigger

– Players will need to select a channel to transmit on while at the UI
– Added chat shortcuts
       Are replaced with the name of your mission’s origin or target respectively.
       Is replaced with the callsign of your mission’s current leader.
       Is replaced with the short form of your current brigade, e.g. 1.Division/1.Brigade
       Is replaced with your “mission” name, which is the same as $unit/$miss… E.g. 1.Division/1.Brigade/KFS1   

– Your killer will now be listed in the AAR
– Scoring for killing an MSP has been increased
– Score is now rewarded for guarding capture buildings
– You can now get extra score for kills made while guarding a capture object

– Added new clouds
– Added several new buildings including urbans, town buildings, docks, airfield fences and farm ruins
– Added new bridges
– Added new capture objects
– Updated the memorial
– Added new builders
– Fixed several .report issues (hundreds even!)
– Hulks will no longer be created inside buildings
– Added a new training area

Our thanks to our newest Builder additions (I hope I didn;t miss any but email me if I did – gophur):
– Stig ‘Janus’ Leitet
– Kelly ‘Amser’ Richards
– Olle Norgren
– AJ ‘VonTalon’ Day
– Steve Roush – Pharmer
– Chris ‘Mint’ Taylor
– A. ‘Lure’ Larsson
– Michael ‘Mike56’ Fligor
– Gregory ‘Greg56’ Goff
– Patick ‘Tear’ Alvarez
– Robert ‘Leeuw’ van Olffen
– Feldpost
– Dover
– Daniel `Ibiza´ Fanni
– Leon “Snort” Cannon

– All players should review the keymapper for changes to some default keys
– Added support for non joystick keymaps
– Added a joystick detection button
– Fixed a bug that caused some input devices (G15 Keyboard) to not be recognized
– Added French Blenheim
– Several minor changes to default keys
– Remapped Autopilot to Left Control+A
(note, there is a pending issue with autopilot rendering it inoperative unless manually remapped – ticketed)
– Mousewheel throttle added to tank, truck and sea vehicle “no joystick” default keymaps
– Made gun range keys consistent and logical (page up = +range, page down = -range)
– Corrected function assignment of bomb bay doors (for Havoc/DB7, this was assigned to “Deploy Weapon”).  New default bomb bay door key (b) now functions
– Added initial support for Chinese language

– Changed the field of view to be based on the verticle instead of the horizontal
– Widescreen resolutions no longer cause distortion in game
– Players using the Matrox Triplehead can have resolutions in excess of 3840 x 1024
– Note that the UI still needs to be reworked to support these very large resolutions

Anti Addiction (China releases only):
– Added “minor” classification for players
– Minors will be prompted to exit the game when they have played too much
– Minors will have score reduced at preset intervals until they no longer accumulate score

Windows Support:
– All settings and screenshots will now save in the users My Documents folder
– Players experiencing problems with custom keymaps should delete the data directory from the game’s install folder and reenter them in the keymapper

– Correct resolutions will now appear in settings

unity Upgrade:
– Several changes are starting to migrate into the live game from our work on upgrading the Unity Engine
– Introduced some technology improvements from the Unity Upgrade branch that should improve performance, especially under load
– Fixed several memory related issues

Known Issues:
– AWS transparency slider is not working in all cases
– The map has some rendering issues when zooming around on some systems


Now if I could get my dam brakes to map :(

It just so happened I made a new computer and never fails the joystick number changes. grrr. So time to go into a text editor and do a replace all on the cfml files. But alas no brakes, tried remappin in the keymapper no luck. Gave it up last night. I will figure it out tonight.

You forgot one known issue:
– Allieds can read GHC .axis

That probably was your fault, right? *gg*
Some allies probably thought they are on the false side, when they read the .axis :D


Stang, email me what you’re trying to do.

Drave, Not a known issue since 1am this morning.

That day seems to have been long for you guys. Thx for the work!


I’ve had 3 hours sleep since 6am yesterday, and nearly an hour of that was with my head on my keyboard :)

(Course, that’s my own fault, I could have slept instead of playing for a couple of hours, damn game :)

Bloo, will do when I get home.

great patch fellas S!

Found and fixed those couple of nasty bugs crashing the hosts. Lets hope we have restored stability.

completely love the patch. thank you!

now what’s for x-mas? ;-D

This is Christmas, it just came early for you to fully enjoy. ;)

that anti-addiction software could have helped me a few years back… lol


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